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Written by GABRIEL B

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  1. Oh, this solicit promises a hopefully heart-wrenching story. Ba and Moon have yet to disappoint.

  2. Last issue was my favorite since the first two and my pick of the week.

    I am no longer worried about this series getting tired. I think it will end amazingly.

  3. I wonder how the last issue will be, My guess is a litter more happier ending, where Bras dies some where at the age  80-100, while reflecting on his life.

    Even then I’m sure I’ll be cry while reading it. 

  4. There is nothing to be ashamed of if art makes you cry.

  5. The last issue is supposed to have some big twist or some such.

  6. yep it did Wonder Boy. I won’t way what but it was a shock.

  7. I think he meant the last issue of the series not the last issue out (#7).

  8. Can’t wait to buy this trade.


  9. I don’t know if you guys noticed, but the coloring Dave Stewart has done on this book has been beyond phenominal.  On issue number 5, where Bras visits his grandparents, I thought that the coloring job was mindblowing…particularly the pastel sunsets where the colors blended so well with the rest of the florid backgrounds.   Before this issue I never really paid attention much to the coloring aspect, with exception to Watchmen, where I was struck by the vibrant choice of background colors in most panels.  I’d go out on a limb and say DS is the best in the world.  I’d be shocked if he doesn’t recieve an award for his work on this particular book. 

  10. Yeah I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t really notice the colors in a book, but I’ve been really wowed with Stewart’s art. I was going to say colors, but it’s really art.

  11. Hope they release this in one hardcover. I need this for my personal library.

  12. Is this series ever going to make sense? Or will it go down as just a series of one-shots?

  13. Oh, this was just great. I love this book. 5/5 can’t say much more.

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