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Written by GABRIEL B

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

This series has been a bit inconsistent for me.  The story is so mired by the formula.  We know the main character is going to die by the end of the issue.  He’s died seven times, and it’s unlikely that he’s ever going to get to live on the last page.  Given that immense hurdle, I was surprised by just how moving this issue was.  This issue didn’t feel in any way forced, or schmaltzy.  It’s a love story with an unfortunate ending.  And, yea, they use a kid to try and mist your eyes a bit, but it works here, thanks to the wide-eyed art.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. This was pretty awesome, but I felt some of Bras’s love talk was a bit cheesy. I liked the reference to the first time he met his wife in the bakery, but he mentions it in two different incidents, which I didn’t like.

    The Lion King (?) thing on the television was a bit much too. We don’t need foreshadowing in this book about the death of Bras, cuz like you said, it is going to happen. If he didn’t die at the end of every issue, then the movie reference would work for me.

    These are minor complaints, but it is why I think I’m docking it 1 and going with a 4/5.

  2. Good review and response. Like Akamuu, every time out I feel like this series could lose me due to its maybe being too formulaic, but it overcomes that "limitation" issue after issue. Like Scorpion, though, I did think a lot of the lovetalk in this issue was a bit too smaltzy; we get it, they’re in love; I don’t need to see a ton of post-it notes with vague phrases on them that remind me of somewhat cliche vereses from 20-year-olds in poetry workshops. That said, this issue still had an emotional impact on me. It was another strong entry in this series. A lot of critics are outright flabbergasted at the brothers’ writing skills on Daytripper, though, and I’m "just" impressed. The writing is "only" a 4/5 for me.

  3. @scorpionmasada & froggulper: I agree with both of you about the writing being schmaltzy in places.  I can definitely see this being more of a "4" book for me some weeks.  I often rate an issue as part of the series or as part of the run of an artist.  Because the last few issues didn’t click as much for me, I decided to try and read this as if it were the first issue in the series.  It helped.

    As much as I enjoyed this issue, it did make me consider if I had any interest in buying this trade.  Getting back to this story every month helps you forget a bit of the story.  Yes, you remember that Bras is going to die, and you vaguely remember different aspects of his relationship, but it lets the rest of his story blur a bit.  It makes me respect how the writing is paced in these issues, but makes me doubt the trade will be an enjoyable reading experience.

    I would agree about The Lion King moment, but I must have zoned that part out.  It does seem like it would be a bit much.

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