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“Honest and arousing, everything about Fabio Moon’s artwork is sexy – even when it’s dirty and lonely. Once I started reading DAYTRIPPER, I couldn’t put it down!” – Jeff Smith (Bone)

It’s a day of celebration as Br

Written by F

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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Jesus Christ, what a cover.

  2. My store just got me 1-3 so
    I’ll be able to sit and read all 4 at once

  3. Lovin’ this book. And I agree, great cover.

  4. Fantastic cover. So excited for this issue. 

  5. Just like Love In A Time Of Cholera, i’ll read this and wonder why people get so excited by this over-emotional sentimental stuff

  6. you need a hug.

  7. everybody hug Edward.

    Everybody love everybody

  8. Will this be about not taking care of yourself and getting diabetes and dying relativly young?

  9. No, no.. the point is that i DON’T need a hug

  10. @edward Yes, but deep down you secretly WANT a hug. 

    @AmirCat I hope it’s about fat people living contented lives and dying.

  11. if only you guys knew me in person. My online persona might make more sense

  12. I still want to hug you.

  13. @ed I just think you need a golden shower, and that’ll calm your ass down.

  14. ah, yes, very good, very funny

  15. If it ain’t the Sentry, than it ain’t manly enough for Edward.

  16. The Sentry? Manly? Hmm… ?

    And i’m not saying Daytripper isn’t muscaline. Just a little too much like Adrian Mole’s poetry

  17. Adrian Mole? Jesus, that’s harsh! 🙂

    Anyway, I’m digging this book and look forward to buying the trade.

  18. Although I’ve been loving this series I’ve decided to trade wait untill its finished. Luckily since this is vertigo and not image I’ll see it before the end of next year

  19. I love this book.  It was getting to the end, I knew he was going to die, but was still tense to see how awesome they would pull this one off.  I still have no clue if/how they will do this over 10 issues and keep it awesome.

  20. I need a hug

  21. Would someone hug LiquidSnake please? 


    I really wasn’t too blown away by this issue. Although the art holds up each issue, I find that I’m looking for a conventional storyline in there somewhere (my mistake?) So he’s got a secret half love child sister now… OK. Very Brazilian. I don’t know, really really love this series but I think this was my least favorite issue yet. I need a hug.  

  22. Man, what a Debby Downer of an issue. Very powerful stuff, but don’t know how many more of these issues I can take if they are going to be as depressing as these last two.

  23. We all need a hug.

    Who was that pointed out in the last issue’s comments that the chronological logic (that sounds weird) of the series is following Bras’ life in case he didn’t die in the previous issue?

    Whoever it was, is seems to be spot on. Thank you!

  24. This wasnt my favorite issue so far but still a 5 if not a bit weaker of one.  Though I agree the issues seem like a downer, I always feel really good after finishing one. Full of life, to be cliche.

  25. It’s kind of cool how well they can draw age in a character… Bras looks 32 in issue one, 42 in issue four, etc. These guys are really talented. I think akamuu’s review sums up the problem though… structure. 

  26. I like this series, but my enjoyment of the series is trending down…is it just going to be more of the same from now on?  I’m getting a little bored.

    Edward, you definitely need a hug.

  27. Hauntingly beautiful.

  28. Great story, Mercenary ending.

  29. @skeets — I like that…seconded. 

  30. Read my review. basically, i use it confess my love for drakedangers

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