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“I hate you, you piece of s—!” Those were her last words before she left him. If all we need is love, how do we keep going once we lose it? To find out, Bras’ father will take him to the desert and take Bras’ best friend to an art show.

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  1. There’s a little too much emotions in this book. who wants to read about emotions, huh?

    Art’s good though

  2. Oh edward.

  3. hungry, tired, horny. there’s all the emotions you need right there

  4. Issue one was about being tired.

    Issue two was about being horny.

    Maybe issue three will be about hunger.

  5. it’s like how my wedding day was the hungriest day of my life while when dad died i have never felt more tired

  6. So I am guessing this death happenes after the death in the first timeline?  I think?

  7. I hate that I need to know the continuity of this book.

  8. So I guess he dies in the desert this time?

  9. Can’t wait to read this book

  10. Spoilers: 

    @ironclad Are you being metaphorical?  If not, he was hit by an ambulance on his way to pursue a rebound.

  11. I was really high on the first issue but after three issues, this is got old real fast. Unfortunately for me Bras is a pretty lame main character. I’m done with this book.

  12. This book is fantastic, but it’s not "fun" to read for me… so I think #2 was my last issue.

  13. Good not great.  It’s an interesting read, but I don’t know about 10 issues if this is going to be the format throughout

  14. I think the problem is issue #3 wasn’t as strong as #1 or #2.  You could see the ending a mile away in this one, while the first two the endings were shocking.

  15. I could see the ending a mile away in issue #2 as well, but it was a more interesting ending in issue #2.

    I agree. This issue wasn’t as good as the first two. Still dug on it immensely.

  16. Could I see the ending coming? Sure. Did that detract from the issue? Not really. An amazing issue like last time and the time before that. 5/5 and my POTW.

  17. Because of the no-surprise element gone, this book certainly lost a big thing.

    But the pacing and the preachy dialogue is still as awesome.

  18. I loved this issue.  The ending was predictable but, for me, it didn’t take away from the beauty of it.  I can’t see myself getting bored with this series when the art and writing are so top notch.  

  19. I know I’m late, but I just read the first three issue and I have to agree:

    A) This is outstanding and only solidifies that I will buy everthing the twins work on


    B) Even though I know (probably) how it would end it didnt detract from the read at all


    And I think that Ba and Moon have plently of surprises left for us.  This book makes me feel good and I cant wait to read it when the weather allows me to read it outside where I feel I will enjoy it even more.

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