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  1. Very much looking forward to this book.

  2. the preview was intriguing enough for me to give this a shot.

  3. High expectations!

  4. We know the art will be beautiful. It’s the writing which is a little suspect. I really hope Ba and Moon do a good job

  5. Yay!

  6. Aye, I’m so pissed that I need to trade wait it budget-wise.

  7. @Miyamotofreak: Yeah, the preview was very interesting but I might fall into the same camp. Waiting until Christmas 2010 at the earliest might kill me though!

  8. Definitly interested in this. I love Ba’s artwork.

  9. Where was the preview at for this book?

  10. ba and moon are worth the $3 for their art alone

  11. I enjoyed Ba and Moon’s writing on their De:tails anthology. and obviously the arts gonna be gorgeous. I’m down for this. 

  12. This is the first preview since Four Eyes( a comic book from the late 80’s) that has entirely sold me on a book. Really excited for this.

  13. I’m definitely trying out the first issue, but like miyamotofreak, if I want to continue with this mini I will need to get it in trade for budgetary reasons

  14. When first solicited, I thought this was a new ongoing.  Still going to pick up the singles even though I tend to wait for the trade when its limited series.

  15. Wow… that was really good. God I love Vertigo. It reminds me of what’s so great about comics. Ba and Moon are fantastic writers and artists. I really enjoyed this. This was so close to being my POTW, too. The only thing hampering it is that I don’t have a feel on the concept yet. Is this a series of one-shots of Brazil? Is there something deeper? Not knowing the concept doesn’t bother me so much, I just got a sense of completion from this story. 5/5 for me. I was so glad I got the last (only, actually) copy of this from my LCS today. 

  16. I thought it was good but had no idea what it is or where its going, ill wait till i flip through the 2nd issue as whether to keep going. 

    But it was beautiful as always. 

  17. The art was great.  Loved the colors.  Great story…lots of cool moments.  I’m a little loss on where this is going too, but that’s alright.  It should be more apparent next issue.  Really glad I picked this up.

  18. The rest of the series covers past important days in Bras’ life. So a series of flashbacks that play into the relationships we get a glimpse of in this issue. I can’t wait. I loved the hell out of this.

  19. I wish the PoTW would be some random book just to see how many people pick it. If this wasn’t the PoTW nobody would have made it their pick.

  20. @AquaPimp82: I’m confused. This was already the #2 ranked POW book before I posted the Pick. I always check before I post it.

  21. @Conor-Obviously you are wrong. We did not enjoy this until you told us it was OK to do so. That’s how it works on the site.

  22. @drake: It’s funny how people show up to post these comments only on the weeks when the POW percentage back up their arguments. On weeks where the top user POW doesn’t match the iFanboy POW, they are no where to be found.

  23. It was intriguing enough to keep me for a second issue.

  24. @drake Not so for those of us who read Secret Six.

  25. I thought this will have a new character and story every issue. Thus, daytripper. Kind of like a "day in the life" but fucked up.

  26. I was really excited for this but ended up a bit disappointed. I think the series might end up being very good, just this first issue didn’t grab me. This might end up being a trade-waiter for me. I’ll see how I feel next month.

  27. totally did not expect that ending on a first issue

  28. Ugh….me not like comics with no superhero

  29. @boostergold That Yellow Lab was obviously a Superhero. 

  30. I picked this up partially because of Gabriel Ba, partially because I figured I could relate well to the plight of a frustrated writer, and partially because I like almost everything Vertigo puts out. 

    This was a fantastic, albeit depressing, way to end the first issue. Given the format of the series, the fact that we know the protagonist dies– and dies more or less unfulfilled– is likely to cast a melancholy shadow over the rest of the series… although it’s possible that Ba and Moon will take it in a completely different tonal direction than that. Either way, I loved this book and look forward to reading it.

  31. really impressed by this book. read it. it’ll make your brain wiggle. 

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