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When I was unpacking the books to put them on the shelves tonight, I came across the new issue of Unwritten and was overjoyed.  I can’t think of another comic that I look forward to as much as Carey’s meta story.  What initially got me to read it (aside form being a Carey fan, and getting to read a bunch of comics for free, anyway) was Vertigo’s $1 for #1s policy, which I’m a big advocate of.  I am unsure if they have rescinded that policy, or just decided not to apply it here.  Either way, it’s a disappointment, as I would absolutely recommend this book to every customer if it was $1 (as I did for Unwritten #1), but at $2.99, I’ll probably be a little more selective who I hype it to.

I also find it really unfortunate that this issue has a typewriter on the cover, and one that’s not all that far off from the typewriter on the cover of Unwritten #2.  Unfortunately, in many ways, this book, which is fairly solid, comes off as Unwruttern’s younger brother.

The most immediate similarity is that the central character of this issue is a person dealing with his famous author father.  From there, it’s not at all the same story, but it feels like it could be related.  Also, I don’t know if it’s the color pallete they’re using, because Fabio Moon usually has his own style, but the Vertigo color wash makes his art nearly indistiguishable from most recent Vertigo art.  In fact, with the way Moon pencils his characters here, it almost looks like a less rushed issue of Sweet Tooth.  Seriously, look at the faces in this issue and tell me that it isn’t like Lemire drawing a more modern (as opposed to futuristic), realistic book.  This isn’t a complaint, so much.  I enjoy Lemire’s work to an extent, and enjoy Moon’s more, but everything about this issue reminded me of another Vertigo title, as opposed to feeling like something new.

That’s pretty much the summation here.  This is a new story.  It is by a great creative team, and it’s an interesting concept, but it just feels like I’ve already been reading this story and looking at this art. 

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good

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