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Archaia and Roddenberry Productions are proud to present the thrilling sequel to the critically acclaimed series, Days Missing! Days Missing: Kestus continues the saga of The Steward, a mysterious being whose ability to ‘fold’ days of time has resulted in critical human events being absent from our historical record. Their existence is not remembered… but the occurrences of these days have forever changed the course of our evolution. Since humanity’s birth, The Steward has stood as a guiding force for our species. But now, he is not alone! The emergence of the ancient being, Kestus, may put everything he knows in question, and the future of those he means to protect in jeopardy.

Writer: Phil Hester
Artist: David Marquez

Price: $3.95
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. the 1st series was fantastic.

    so glad its back.

  2. Oh! This series is back!

    I read the trade during the summer and I absolutely loved it! Is it the same talent involved here or someone else? 

  3. It’s Phil Hester and Dave Marquez for the whole run I think. Should be fun.

  4. @heylook: Thanks, I actually found the team just when I saw your post. Glad Hester is still going to be the writer.

    Although Frazier Irving and Chris Burnham did an amazing job with their issues.

    Also, it looks like this series is gonna focus on ‘what if?’ storylines for the Apollo 11 mission and Y2K. Sounds interesting.

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