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DARK X-MEN #3 (OF 5)

Nate Grey, a.k.a., X-Man is back and he is not happy with the state of affairs in the Marvel Universe. So he goes straight to the man responsible – Norman Osborn – and it’s not for a nice chat. It’s X-Man vs. the Dark Avengers and Dark X-Men. Can this Omega class mutant survive this matchup? Find out here!

WRITER: Paul Cornell
PENCILS: Leonard Kirk
COLORED BY: Brian Reber
LETTERED BY: Robert Steen
COVER BY: Simone Bianchi

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Solicit sounds fun. I was debating whether or not to pull this. I really like Cornell and Kirk but I feel like the dark xmen are just Meg. I guess I’ll check it out though

  2. More of Nate Grey doing his thing and fucking shit up? Hell yeah!

  3. I am thoroughly surprised how much I have been enjoying this. Apparently Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk area talented team of creators. Who knew? I’d like to see them on an ongoing X-title for sure.

  4. @jimbilly4
    I have no interest in this story other than Cornell and Kirk. They are so great!

  5. Ok just Reread issues 1 and 2. Actually got me pretty excited for this.

  6. Pretty cool ending! It was a three before the last page.

  7. Really enjoyed it. Like Peter, it was 3 before the ending. 4/5 for me. Also…. SENTRY GOES FLYING OFF INTO SPACE AGAIN! For those wondering, this time around Cornell uses Kate Bush songs. 

  8. Thanks Prax, I was wondering on the songs. Definitely not in the same realm of common knowledge as songs by the Beatles and Stones.

    I was actually a little disappointed by this one. It was almost entirely Dark Avengers, characters I am now quite tired of, and I wanted to get more Dark X-men interactions. The Osborn twist also left me fairly flat because a) I am done with Dark Reign and b) clearly this will have zero impact on the Osborn in every other comic he is in. Cornell should have kept this story more contained. I would believe that Mimic or Omega or even Dark Beast were in danger, but Osborn? I also felt Kirk looked rushed and/or sloppier than usual. I am hopeful that issue 4 will rebound as I liked 1&2 so much.

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