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  1. I’m excited for this one. The Gunslinger Born bothered the hell out of me because there was really no original material. This one should prove far more interesting.

  2. oh man, you must have not read all the back material. there was so much new stuff there. this is the best book made. period.

  3. I recall that stuff, yes, but I meant in the main comic. The supplemental material isn’t going to make the main story any more interesting to me when I read alll before in The Gunslinger and Wizard and Glass. The art was really cool though.

  4. If this is anything like the first series then i’m gonna wait for the trade. The issues are way too dense to follow month to month

  5. @Muady I stopped reading The Gunslinger Born for exactly that reason. The extra stuff in the back of the comics was pretty cool though. I’m pretty excited for the long walk home and all the new writing Stephen King promises. It should be interesting.

    Okay, Am I completely alone in hating the ending of the dark tower books? I mean the last book was great until that last bit.

  6. You’re not alone, but I’m not with you. 😉 Given the thematic direction the series took, it was a fantastically appropraite ending.

  7. Just picked it up today and its really good.

  8. Jae lee’s art is phenomenal, but I have to agree with TopGun and wait for the trade

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