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  1. ever since i read the interview with casey about this i’ve been waiting, glad it’s only 3 issues, no decompression

  2. I wonder how they are going to collect some of this stuff.

    I’ve been impressed with the overall quality of these minis, although I shouldn’t be, they have great writers on these things.

    I’m going to check this out if my store has a copy.

  3. Nathan Fox’s art is the cat’s pajamas. For all u tards out there, that means its the SHIT!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’ll check this out because of the creative team. Not exactly excited though.

  5. Who’s gonna say ‘This comic is bollocks’ when they comment on it? 🙂

  6. @kwisdumb I wasn’t excited either until i read the interview with Casey on newsarama

    an excerpt


    NRAMA: How does this all tie in to Dark Reign? Are they tapped for action by Norman Osborn?

    JC: Not even close. If anything, Norman and all those who work for him are prime targets. Here’s how I see it: when the super-villains are, for all intents and purposes, running the world, doesn’t that make them just as much of an authority figure as Nick Fury was or the Avengers were? And, if you’re a super-villain who actually likes being a die hard, anarchistic motherf**ker, then this whole "Dark Reign" thing goes against everything you believe in.

    NRAMA: What’s your goal for the characters in this mini?

    JC: In the current Marvel Universe, super-villains are trying to go respectable. They’re trying to be heroes. They’re trying to be bureaucrats. It makes me f**king sick. I wanted to bring out a super-villain that doesn’t want to be anything but a super-villain, that wants nothing more than to ignore the rules, to be the personification of chaos and to f**k s**t up. To coin a term, a postmarvel villain, so to speak.

  7. I’m sold after looking at some of the art in this. Looks great.

  8. What other things has Nathan Fox done? He looks a hell of a lot like Paul Pope.

  9. Im really glad I picked up this book.  He kind of has a deadpool-ish way about him.  i love a good ornery psychopathic villian.

  10. @vadamowens Thanks!

  11. Hmm…wasn’t really feeling the issue. It seemed like everything worked, but I dunno, I just don’t think it’s for me. I won’t be continuing to read it. 2/5. Not terrible at all, just not something I’m grooving with, for whatever reason.

  12. theres’ a very manic energy with this book. good things it’s only three issues since i dont think even casey could keep this thing going over an extended run. still a very fun read

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