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  1. Apparently there was a Sinister Spider-Man #1?

  2. Yep, bought it around this time last month.

  3. Hmmm… I had no idea.  I probably would’ve grabbed it back then too, since I was still reading Dark Avengers at the time.

  4. yeah, he kills a hooker in it, that’s about it

  5. For the longest time I have seen this and wondered what that black streak on the cover was.

    Then it hit me…..is that is crotch? (I’m not joking, seriously asking here)

  6. @TNC, yeah dude, I think that’s exactly what it is.

  7. I think the cover looks kinda badass. Except for the odd decision to have venom(?)  in an awkward stepping pose.

  8. It’s soooo great. It could be literally be Venom taking a shit and everything is narrated by the Watcher, and Bachalo would find a way to make it pleasing to my eyes.

  9. That’s just an awkward frame of Venom. I don’t wanna see any symbiote junk! >_<

  10. That isn’t the right cover is it? cuz that’s the cover I have on issue #1

  11. acording to marvel .com its the right cover but this was the cover for number1

  12. Yeah this is the same cover as #1….weird.

  13. I’ve been pleasently surprised by this sreies so far. Love the Kilgore Trout bit. (Breakest of Champions is one my favorite books). But what’s up with this Dr. Everything, he looks a little familiar, isn’t there a blue version of him?

  14. lol Crazychris… Dr Everything…. just awoken something I suppressed since March …. you do realize that because I’ve convinced my friends to watch Watchmen that Manhattan’s manhood have become subject of ridicule amongst my small group of friends.

    Anywho… the Slaughter House V reference was funny but that college reference wasn’t necessary.

  15. This was insanely awesome.

  16. Bachalo is a beast. Easily the most underated artist at Marvel now. 

  17. Agreed art is sick. Best Venom I’ve seen since original McFarlane version.

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