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  1. I am interested in checking out the stories in this book.  The CW: Choosing Sides (I think that was what it was called) got my interested in reading Omega Flight post-Civil War so I am sure that I’ll like what I see with some of the creators involved in this one-shot.

  2. As excited as I am for Dark Reign, I don’t think I’ll be paying almost 5$ (goddam Canadian dollar!) for previews of Agent of Atlas and War Machine. I’ll probably flip through it, though

  3. I’m intestested in less than half of these stories so… even as a fanboy I’ll take a PASS on this.

  4. Pass.

  5. i wouldn’t have pulled this if conor hadn’t


    damn you fearless leaders


  6. No thanks I can get these previews online for free.

  7. I thought the dude from Marvel on Talksplode said that these were prologues to each of the books and they would not be contained in the first issues of each series . . .

    I don’t think these are previews in the sense that you guys are meaning previews.

  8. In all honesty would this be worth getting. it will just be leading into another event that will change the status quo, than will lead into another event

  9. hickman’s first marvel/ mainstream work, to see if he can hadle a less art design story telling and more of a straight foreward one.  for that alone ill drop the 4 bucks.  that and jim mccann’s stupid ifanboy interview made me want to read that hawkeye book…and i dont really like hawkeye (and am probably one of the few people who prefer the ronin costume)

  10. i’m going to look at this in the store than i will decide


    i don’t want to buy a book of ads 

  11. This is definately a check it out on the rack book.  I am, however, looking foward to Hickman’s Fury series and Pak on War Machine (don’t love the character, but Pak can write!)

  12. This will be worth checking out just to find out what roll the monkey on the cover plays!

  13. Continuing my pass on Dark Reign stance

  14. I dunno about this one.  I loved last week’s Dark Reign book, but I’m only interested in Secret Warriors and the Hawkeye story… so maybe I’ll pass and pick up Tbolts instead.  Loved Diggle’s first issue, so I’m guessing I’ll like this month’s.

  15. I’m getting this because of what Jim McCann said about it on the podcast.  I’m interested in the Mockingbird story.  And I’m at least mildly curious about Agents of Atlas and War Machine.

  16. I bought every issue of Secret Invasion and a good few tie-ins. This, however, is where I stop.

  17. I like Jeff Parker’s work, I like the idea of Mockinbird returning — I didn’t mind buying this, though the other stories didn’t grab me.

  18. Love Castelli’s art and totally got suckered in thinking it was all him. SUCH A RIP OFF!!! If this is what lies in store, the future looks dim.

  19. I am got this havent read it yet but i wanted to gear weather or not to strap in for yet another event.

  20. waste of money

  21. Jim McCann definately did a great job on the podcast, glad I’m not the only one who went from "I’m not reading dark reign" to "sounds pretty good maybe I’ll check it out"

  22. I almost bought this until I realized I was just paying Marvel 4 dollars so they could advertise their new books.

  23. Dang, I bought this without even knowing it’s all a big ad. This should have been free! LAME.

  24. I really wish I had thumbed through this before I left the store. $4 to read a giant ad for a bunch of storied I don’t care about? And to top it all off, Marvel had the nerve to sell ad space inside this giant Marvel ad. Its like paying to see a movie and then sitting through 2 hours of trailers. At .99, it would have been overpriced, but at $4, it is downright insulting.

  25. THEY DIDN’T explain the monkey at all! Shenanigans!!!

  26. This was the biggest POS I’ve purchased in a long time.  The LCS owner was still receiving his order when I came in and so he just went through everything quickly, with me saying ‘yup’ or ‘nope’.  I had a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket and life was grand, so when he came to this title I said…’aaawww, why not’. 

    Here’s why not.  This book should have been 99 cents or free.  I just read this stuff last week in Dark Reign!  Is this the new Marvel model?  $4 / week and two new pages of story?  I had sworn off Dark Reign after the useless Secret Invasion ended with a whimper.  Then I thought about it.. and it sounded kind of cool… and thank you Marvel.  You’ve now just strengthened my resolve to not participate in this ‘event’.  …  although….  I think Secret Warriors would be really cool if we keep getting Howling Commandos flashbacks!  (maybe I’ll just buy that one). 

  27. I’m a big Nick Fury fan (at least the classic Steranko version) & I almost, almost, almost bought this yesterday. Picked it up & put it back on the rack several times. After reading the comments here it looks like I saved myself a good $4.00.

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