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  1. Does anyone know how they’re going to compile this in trade? This and "Sinister Spider-Man" for some reason sound like they’d make for a good, seven issue trade altogether

  2. This series has been a bit hit and miss. I didn’t enjoy the first issue, but stuck around the and second issue was an improvement.

    I don’t think we are going to get any big reveals about Mr. Negative unfortunatly, but we might be left with a fun little three part gang war.

    Why is there a random plug in the back-ground?

  3. This book does one thing for me… make me wish Jae Lee was doing more than just The Dark Tower (even though he is currently on a breif pause)

  4. @Zeppo- There was a major revelation already about Mr. Negative, his powers, what he can actually do, duh!!!  Wow, you’re not paying attention as you read, huh?

    I thought issue #1 was better than #2.  Enjoyable.

  5. @KickAss, I was hoping for more of an origin of his powers. Didn’t we already know he could make negative versions of people – isn’t that what Anti-Venom is? The Negative Spider-man’s thought boxes were great. Very creepy.

    Glad your enjoying the series though, I’m sure it will be remembered as a fun mini.

  6. Issue #1 was my pick of the week.

    Issue #2 had a drop in quality. Wasn’t really feeling all the action.

    Issue #3 was back to form.

    Fred Van Lente is the man.

  7. Diamond decided to ship comics uselessly, and UPS decided to drop boxes, so all the Mr. Negative my LCS ordered got damaged.  Now I have to wait until next week for the epic conclusion.

  8. I haven’t been reading this series but Betty Brant?  How did she get involved in this?

  9. Average. 2/5. Not much else to say.

  10. @ohcaroline

    I think Dexter Bennett keeps sending her to dig up dirt about Martin Li, it started back in New Ways to Die.

    Betty found out Martin Li has a wife who lives in some slum in Chinatown while he lives the high life in his many penthouses. Betty went to question Mrs. Li, who quickly reported her snooping to Mr. Negative.

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