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  1. Never planned or thought I’d be buying all these Dark Reign minis, but the writers on these things are excellent.

    Was going to skip this until I saw Van Lente on it.

  2. I would skip this because Van Lente is on it.  But the characters are awesome, so I must buy.

  3. Even amazing characters are shit in the hands of a terrible writer.

    I question your buying logic while witholding judgment on whether or not you have an informed opinion on Van Lente’s writing.

  4. Ah the wave of Dark Reign mini’s have started.

    A Mr. Negative story? In all seriousness, does this need to be told? I mean I like the character (one of the few new Spidey villains I like), but is this really nessciary?

  5. I’ll check it out. Not overly excited for it, but hopefully it’ll be worth it.

  6. How many comics are necessary?

    As to whether the story is worth being told, we will have to wait and see.

  7. Believe me Scorpion Man, I’ve read Hercules by Van Lente, and it is Nout Goud!

  8. ^^ No one listen to this man! 🙂

  9. For real! Van Lente is great!

  10. This was excellent. It was basically an Amazing Spider-Man issue, with a focus on Mr. Negative. It even has the Spot.

    This could be my pick of the week (not finished with my books) in a week with a lot of good books.

  11. Maybe they couldn’t fit this story into Amazing that’s why it’s here in mini form. Either way, I enjoyed this issue.

  12. I enjoyed this well enough. I’ve been waiting to see more Negative Man for a bit now. 3/5.

  13. I thought this comic was okay, I’m plan on finishing the series and see what happens. Can anyone tell me the name of the villian with the purple costume, he was more towards the end of the comic.

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