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  1. Not getting this this week, not entirely enthused for it. But it has Namor!

  2. Alan Davis pencils tempt me.

  3. Love Alan Davis, but I’ll have to peruse it in the store before I decide.

  4. Alan Davis is the reason I am getting this book.

  5. Can’t wait to see this art!

  6. anyone remember who drew the backup? it was said in some interview.

  7. It’d be really wonderful to know something about this comic before even conisdering buying it…

  8. Yeah, I won’t be getting this.  I had enough Dark Reign with my X-Men already.  As tempting as the art is, I’ll just be sticking with Uncanny

  9. Im not sure if this issue is supposed to wrap up loose ends from the crossover, or if its supposed to be a start to a new story (Like The List: Daredevil was). Either way, Ill be checking this out

  10. i loved utopia had agood twist 2 it n namor as an x man thats awesome

  11. Alan Davis art. That’s the only motivation i need to buy this. The fact that i loved Utopia and Fractions writing are just icing on the cake

  12. Craptastic writing and decent art… everything that defines Marvel under Quesada.

    Is it too much to ask for the writers to READ a character’s history before "writing" him/her into their stories? Under Fraction, Namor is unrecognizable. I’m not going to spoil the ‘twist’ of the story, but suffice it to say Namor geniunly loved certain person in his past and would never treat them is such a callous, ignoble way. The last scene with ever-present Norman is a slap in the face to all Namor fans who know his as a NOBLE, COURAGEOUS king; not a callous bully who forgets about the love and grief of the past.

    Rating = ZERO. Don’t waste your money.

  13. @ Tamaran  I couldn’t disagree more.  I loved this book.  I thought that it was great how an old Avengers/Alpha Flight plotline was brought back in a believable way. 

    Get this book, skip "The Confession"  that was a waste of money.

  14. @ zattaric – You think it’s believable that Namor would dispose of ****** in such a manner? To just dump the body at Norman and leave it there like trash? He knows very well is not her fault. And why would he abandon her now that she’s alive again? He grieved for her. He looked for her for years. He fought to save her soul.

    This is so NOT Namor I can’t even begin to describe it.

    It might make him look bad ass, but it also makes him look like a complete moron and a coward. He’s always been noble and loyal to his loved ones. Since when is ****** just a piece of trash to him? Go back and read the old stories. This Namor is nothing like the one we’ve known for MANY years before.

  15. And yes, I agree, "The Confession" is a complete waste of money. I flipped through it in the shop and dropped it back like a plague.

  16. @zattaric: Ugh.. I’m with Tamaran at this point, there is very little in the issue that actually made it worth buying. This one-shot is physical proof that breezing before buying’s a smart idea. Immoral, but smart.

  17. Story was a 2, art was a 4, that makes it a three star book for me. Would’ve preferred they ditched the back-up story and left it at $2.99, though.


  18. I feel a little ripped off.

  19. @Tamaran

    I kind of agree with you and I thought the same thing, but I think that at this point the fact that she was going around doing what she was doing and was so completely crazy and bloodthirsty, added to the complete hatred Namor has for Norman makes it more believable….I guess.

  20. @ TAMARAN  I think our differing knowledge of Marvel history is leading to our differing opinions.  My knowledge about Namor’s past  and ******* is gleaned from reading comic summaries and bios on different websites, whereas it seems that yours is coming from actually reading those issues.  You probably sense a stronger connection between those characters than I could have from the internet.  I think your point is valid, but I still enjoyed the issue. 

  21. Well… that was pretty crappy. Disappointing, Mr. Fraction.

  22. Thanks to this book, I have learned that the The List books are totally inconsequential.  Fool me once (okay, more like 3 times, tho I really liked the Avengers book), shame on you, fool me 2/3 of the time or more, shame on me.

  23. I’m sold on the X-men/Namor partnership, but I’m not as familar with his history like the rest of you.

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