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  1. I’m going to give this a try.

    I’m not a Billy Tan fan (though I do think he’s improved in the last year or so) the preview in 500 looked interesting and a Daredevil vs. Bullseye fight is usually fun to watch.

    I’m picking and chosing with The List one shots I read, hopefully you don’t have to read them all for it to make sense.

  2. @Zeppo- I’m going to guess you don’t have to read them all to make sense.

    You didn’t have to with Civil War, Secret Invasion, House Of M, or World War Hulk.  People that said so spoke wrong.

    I hope this new team on Daredevil is good.

  3. I’m wondering if it’s going to be like Fallen Son, you don’t have to read them all, but you get a different understanding of the event if you do.

    I’ve liked what I’ve read from Diggle so far, and he’s got a great start to jump off from so I’m gonna see where it takes me. I’m not sure Billy Tan is the regular artist on the main book though, I guess the preview for 501 will confirm that.

  4. Daredevil and Bullseye.. Together again..

    Never read Secret Invasion, and I’m only tangentially into Dark Reign as it’s spilled into the Marvel books I already read: Invincible Iron Man, ASM, and now, DD.  I haven’t felt as if I’m missing anything.. I know the basics and it’s enough.

    Billy Tan is not the new regular DD artist.  I can’t remember the name right now, but it’s not somebody I’m familiar with.  Anyone know it, and anyone know the new guy’s work?

  5. Roberto de la Torre, he did a large part of the Knaufs’ run on Iron Man.  not sure what else.

  6. and I’m very curious as to the place this story holds in the overall List story and how Diggle goes from where Brubaker left off

  7. i’m gonna pick this up to get some inkling of what andy diggle is gonna do with the title. I’m not really familiar with his work so i dont know whether or not im gonna keep reading DD. So If I like what I see in this issue marvel can count on my dollar’s.

     on another note: this is the second book with Philip Tan doing interiors(The second being Batman and Robin #4) so I’m takin a roll on this one shot on a couple of levels.

  8. Let’s say I haven’t read any Daredevil ever, but I was going to jump on at 501 when Diggle comes in.

    Then let’s say I haven’t been reading any books with Dark Reign other than Iron Man and that arc of ASM

    Should I get this? 

  9. I wish people would learn the difference between Philip Tan and Billy Tan and not lump them in as one by saying "the Tans" or "one of the Tans".  one works for Marvel, one works for DC, how hard is that?

  10. @jms74 and @abirdseysview I know de la torre did the iron man run with the Knauf family and also some fill in issues for Captain America. He also did several of the first issues of Diggle’s run on Thunderbolts. 

  11. Past continuity doesn’t matter much.  Confusing stuff was wrapped up for the new creative team.

  12. I really don’t want to buy this because of $3.99 tag and Tan, but I probably will for Diggle and Daredevil. 

  13. Philip and Billy Tan are not very similar artists, and I’m pretty sure they’re not related in anyway besides having the same (fairly common) surname.  Someone can corrrect me on that if I’m wrong.  Anyway, Birdseye is right, one’s Marvel and one’s DC. 

  14. Jim Lee is Stan’s nephew, right?  and Jae is the second cousin.  and I LOVE it whenever Barry’s half-brother Kevin comes back to comics.  Don’t even get me started on the Simonsons… oh wait.

  15. @Slockhart: Yes.  If you are going to jump in at 501, you will want this book.  It’s a part of the continuing storyline and a decent intro issue.  This really should be #601 and not a one-shot.  I guess they’ll make more money as a 3.99 one shot though.

    I’m glad that Hollingsworth will be the regular colorist because Ponsor didn’t go for the muddy DD look at all (which is pretty much required after 120 issues of it).

  16. @Slockhart definitely pick this up if you’re going on with #501.  I’d suggest tons more but what can I say, I’m a fan.

    So far, so good.. I loved this.  Diggle/De La Torre looking very promising!

    Lot of 5 star POW worthy books this week, including this one.  I am always up for a good DD/Bullseye battle.  But what can I say, I’m a fan.

  17. Wow, I thought this great. 5/5.

  18. Ok, now I’m excited for diggles dd.

  19. I’m pretty sure this is the first Daredevil comic I’ve ever read. Ho-ly crap. I’m totally picking up Daredevil now. I guess I need to go back and get the Brubaker stuff too if it’s as good as Diggle’s stuff.

  20. @jfernandez – The entire current DD run is spectacular.  The Smith issues were ok, then the Bendis and Brubaker stuff is knock your socks off great.  Certainly a classic in the future.

  21. ah crp just relized I made a mistake with my above post, and I relized my presumption came of as slightly racist…and now i feel like abit of a dick. still mistakes happen.

  22. @jfernandes Last 10 years of DD have been really good. I think Bru was good but Bendis better. Personally I go all the way back to Miller so I’m partial to that era. Check out Born Again. I don’t think superhero comics have ever been better than that. Revolutionary work then and it still leads the way now. Miller/Mazzuchelli on top of their game. But what can I say (all together now), I’m a fan.

  23. Do you think we will see some Bullseye vs Lady Bullseye? I hope so.

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