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  1. this should be awesome. here’s hoping

  2. I normally wouldn’t pick this up, but from the preview, the art looks fantastic. Marko Djurjevic found the perfect inker, IMO.

  3. Looking like Pick of the Week.

  4. big week for me, I don’t think this is going to make the cut

  5. I like this whole quasi-connected one-shot idea.

  6. ^me too.  plus A-list writers paired with A-list artists should provide some good comic bookness

  7. I have to agree completly with tittom above, Djurjevic finally got the right inker and colorist to do his work and it really shows! 

  8. No way am I picking this up. Will consider on the Wolverine and Secret Six issues though. Cause they have a great creative team for them.

    However, I do wanna state this: THE BEGINNING OF THE END FOR DARK REIGN!!!!! WOOOT!!!!

  9. I ment to say Secret Warriors. Although a Secret Six/Secret Warriors crossover sounds interesting…

  10. Um, Mark Morales was inking Djurdjevic on Thor too.

  11. @ABirdseysView unless im completely wrong, miki inked him on Thor. 

  12. although morales does ink Coipel on the book

  13. ok, I stand corrected

  14. I wonder how connected the one shots will be with eachother, I am assuming it will have an advancing plot in terms of Osborn but will I not get the overall story if I say dont pick up the hulk one shot?

  15. @shenanigans-Marvel is promoting it as essentially independent from one another.  But that is the Marvel hype machine, so we will see if it is the truth.

  16. @TNC- Prepared to miss out BIG TIME huh?

  17. @KickAss: I’ve avoided the majority of Dark Reign. Only in Deadpool and Incredible Hercules did I see any development of the story. I can’t wait for this damn thing to end, or at least start to end.

    Considering there is another big event coming next year, this has to end soon…..Right?

  18. @misterj: why promote something by saying you dont need to buy them all? they could probably sell more if they made this "the list" miniseries and not change the content. But this is me saying it before I read them and have no skills in marketing or business whatsoever. 

    Bring on Hawkeye! 

  19. @Shenanigans- It’s reverse psychology!

  20. OMG I can’t believe I’m going to try to read this.  I have been very down on the sub par Dark Reign event/status quo.  I really believe that Marvel dropped the perverbial ball on this very simple idea.  This and Amazing Spider-Man are the only ones that seems interesting to me.  Well lets see how much continuity these one shots will have.

  21. @shenanigans-I completely agree with your promotional idea.  I am just saying that Marvel can be misleading when they are promoting.  For example; they said that there would be no ‘Dark X-Men #1’ and we have a mini-series, and they are even talking about continuing the series after Dark Reign ends.

  22. I just read this, and I hate being left wanting more. Of course, I won’t have the rest of the story unless I read New Avengers or Dark Avengers, which I don’t. Ah, hell. And this shouldn’t be The List-Avengers. This should be The List-Clint Barton.

    Now, I’m not so sure about picking the rest of them. Will probably pick Secret Warriors, Punisher and Wolverine, for the writer and the artwork, respectively.

  23. from reading the solicit, the X-Men issue will be about Namor

  24. @kickass: thats what they want us to think, its reverse-reverse psychology

    @Misterj: I agree, I just think they are trying too hard to make it not look like an event when they could of just made it an event, sure people would of bitched but they would of still bought it. I guess we will see how many they sell. I dont know too much about the Dark X-men,but can people who wanted that series complain when they get a series when they thought they wouldnt?

  25. all i can say is the art kicked ass and the COLORS jumped out throughout this issue.

  26. This was pretty fucking sweet.  I don’t know what else to say.

  27. I was suprised by how good this was. At first I was just ready too see DR end, but now I’m interested in this. Well, as long as the Dark books end with these that is.

  28. Holy shit, the story is actually progressing!

    Apart from a few random bits (Osborn talking about previous stuff – Bendis being "meta", Bucky saying he killed Hitler?) this was a good issue. Djurdjevic art was completely different to his previous stuff – and yet still really good.

    Surprised I liked this considering I’ve been down on Dark Reign and New Avengers recently. Hope it continues to be good.

  29. Bucky killed Hitler?  That was all kinds of things at once.  1) Hilarious  2) Awesome  3) Head-scratching.  Did he really?   I need to read that story. 

    Actually, once again, story aside, Bendis’ Bucky feels a lot different then Brubaker’s Bucky and it’s kind of sad.  He’s really just putting a warm body in place to carry the shield until Cap comes back. 

  30. Bendis calls up Brubaker, "Hey Ed, did Bucky kill Hitler?"

    "Uhh, maybe..?"

    "Ok, he did." 

  31. Bendis is learning to use Bucky Cap, slowly but surely. He’s keeping him silent ’til he’s up to speed, only letting him speak up to reveal that he was apparently in the movie theater in Inglorious Basterds (2009 is the year of "Hitler’s Death: What if…?"). I do think the team ought to have pressed him a bit futher on that one. I kinda wish he hadn’t outright said he did it. Maybe after looking at him, BuckyCap just says, "Hm? Oh, nothing." To keep them (and us) guessing.

    This issue was awesome though. If this isn’t the true impetus to the re-Hawkeyeing of Clint Barton, I shall eat my hat (luckily the last hat I owned was when I was 6, so it’ll at least be a light meal).
    Nitpick/question: Bullseye has healing power?
    Awesome panel: Arrow in the head of Daken.

  32. Clint owned.

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