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  1. i love how casual parker looks just loading the gun with doom screaming at him


  2. Last issue was great, very excited.

    Love the cover!

  3. I have a feeling that pretty soon Parker is gonna realize that he is not as confident as he would like to think and that bossing around c-listers is not anywhere near the level of sitting at a table with the rest of the Cabal. I cannot wait to see what he does when this idea sinks into his head. Should be fun.

  4. I hope we see some interplay with the Cabal mixed in here.  On the one hand, I think that he’s really not on the level with some of those guys.  But then I remember, oh yeah, DORMAMMU.

  5. I love the way they’ve brought the Hood along. Generally I hate new villuans who pop up and are way to powerful (Hush or any of the X-Men villans). This seems to pick up nicely from the Vaughn mini and keeping with the dark reign thing. Can’t wait to see where this goes and just hope he doesn’t become one of the psuedo good guys.

  6. this series is shaping up to be an amazing character study of Parker.

  7. Another great issue by Parker and Co. The Hood is quickly becoming one of my favorite Marvel characters of late, and I love his interaction with the Cabal and the relation between Dormammu and addiction, etc. The only thing that kept this from being a 5/5 was the art, which I didn’t feel worked as well in this issue as it did in the last. Still, a fantastic 4/5.

  8. Ditto. 

    Like the story a lot.  did not care for the art. 

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