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  1. this series hasn’t been groundbreaking. It hasn’t been POTW worthy. But goddamn its just a fun read. every issue so far, weather its senseless killing or acid trip illusions, its been entertaining and not dampened with backstory or anything. Good stuff.

  2. oh…great cover too.

  3. I’d agree with that. Some fun stuff in here.

  4. Was really losing patience with this one and was starting to wonder if sticking around for two more issues was something I wanted to do after #3, but this one was pretty fun and I’m definitely psyched to see how they wrap it all up.

  5. much better than I thought it would be, in fact probably the best issue of the entire run. Still that’s just a 4/5

  6. this one definitely had a few surprises in it. i’d like to see some more Solo action too

  7. This was a weak issue compared to the others.

  8. @fvckstick I really loved the cover on this one too. 

    Totally agree that this is very much a "popcorn" movie in comic book form, The end was pretty great as well.

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