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  1. I guess i’m the only one left reading this.  I cant wait.  Hickman is killing it.

  2. @twooldridge: I see that this book has more than one pull.

  3. This has been a wonderful mini, and I am very excited for Hickman to take this over on a monthly basis.

  4. @Conner… I totally agree with what you said about last issue on the podcast. The best thing about this is the way Hickman’s writing the kids… and I have NEVER given a crap about them before.

  5. This mini has been the best FF story since Waid left the book.

  6. @skeets The truth!

  7. @Skeets: I’m not too up on my F4 knowledge, but I think I agree.

    Another of my favorite mini-series of the year ending. This has been great, though, and I’m sure the final issue will be just as.

  8. The writing of the kids seems to be the weak point.  I’d say the sci-fi stuff is the stronger point of the writing.  The kids seem a bit generic.

  9. Read it.  This was MUCH better than I expected it to be.  Wow, really good, plus a great preview to the upcoming FF series!  This run was a very thoughtful one, and it worked so well with Reed.

  10. Franklin kicks ass!  I actually like these kids right now, and I’m really psyched for Hickman moving to the main FF title.  I’m gonna buy FF again!  Wow!  Who knew?  Thanks iFanboy for recommending this "crossover" because I was avoiding all things Dark Reign.  Great book, get it in trade if you missed this.  Very fun read.

  11. While I do like Hickman’s writing of the charcacters, it just seems like this whole mini-series was just a prolougue to his run on the main title. That’s not a bad thing, but not much really happened over the course of 5 books. He did leave alot of unanswered questions though…questions I want answered now! Dammit!

  12. @KickAss I have to admit that’s a bit shocking to hear because I’ve thought the exact opposite. The Science has been the same, obscure psuedo-science of every Fantastic Four issue from Day 1. Whereas the Kid’s are being written differently then they have been in years. (Franklin being awesome and having the ability to stand up to Norman when even Spider-Man can’t?)

    @crazychris That is exactly what his mini is, actually. Essentially, they wanted Hickman to start work on FF ASAP but didn’t want to kick Millar and Hitch off the title early, so they compromised.

    I liked this issue a lot, 5/5 for me. Some great character moments. I have to admit, I’m still unsure of how Franklin shot Norman, but that’s okay. I’m still a little shaky on how the FF won’t just release a tape of Osborne threatening their kids with a gone and instantly end Dark Reign, but that’s another story. I have to admit, I’m going to miss Sean Chen. Much as I love Dale Eaglesham, his Mr. Fantastic is looking too buff and too much like Citizen Steel from the JSA. As  

  13. I thought this was the weakest issue of the mini, or perhaps, a denouement when I expected a climax, but still an excellent series.  Can’t wait for the monthly.

  14. @Prax  Franklin has the mutant ability to alter reality. At least I think he still has it, I don’t know of M-Day affected him

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