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  1. Just getting this because I like the character.  Anyone think it will be good?  Not expecting Miller/Siekiewicz…

  2. I’m in the same boat Urthona. I’m buying this just because it’s Elektra

  3. Yeah, I’m mainly just buying this out of interest for Elektra, and wanting a new story from her.

    Hopefully it’s well-written, though!

  4. Whoa the Skrulls have been real naughty in the Marvel Universe imagine that they took out almost every Superhero in the Marvel Universe besides their sworn enemies the Fantastic Four they even experimented on Daredevil’s beau Elektra I just don’t know if I can still get their action figures but if Hasbro decided to made them their own action figures I think they better make a lot of versions because these guys are getting popularly in-demand in the toy business.

  5. Everytime I buy a non-Miller Elektra comic I get burned. Sorry in my opinion nobody but Miller can write a good Elektra story.

  6. With the Kingpin back in Daredevil, a new Eleketra mini… I’m hoping to go back to the status quo 🙂 

  7. This story was okay but flawed, and the art was decent.  I’ll be so happy when Dark Reign is finally over.  It may have been an interesting idea but the major choices being made in how Marvel applies it to their shared universe have been terribly ridiculous, simplistic, and more bothersome than entertaining.

  8. I liked this.  Loved how Elektra only says one damn thing the entire issue.  This was an excellent first issue.

  9. Was expecting a lot more from this one.  The ending was good but took a long time to get there.

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