The legendary, premiere anthology is back! The 80-page spectacular, Dark Horse Presents returns with all-new stories by Neal Adams, Howard Chaykin, and Richard Corben; a new Concrete story by Paul Chadwick, a new Crimson Empire story from the Star Wars universe, and an exclusive sneak peek of Frank Miller’s highly-anticipated prequel to 300, Xerxes!

The celebration continues with a brand-new, all-color Finder story by Carla Speed McNeil, a prose piece from science fiction legend Harlan Ellison, the return of Michael T. Gilbert’s Mr. Monster, and much, much more!

* 80 pages of original content with no ads.

Writer: Frank Miller, Harlan Ellison, Howard Chaykin, Neal Adams, Richard Corben, Carla Speed McNeil, Michael T. Gilbert, Randy Stradley, Paul Chadwick, David Chelsea, Patrick Alexander, and others
Artist: Frank Miller, Howard Chaykin, Neal Adams, Richard Corben, Carla Speed McNeil, Michael T. Gilbert, Paul Chadwick, Patrick Alexander, and others

Price: $7.99
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  1. I love this.  Short original stories, a great way to see new pieces by some of my favorite creators as well as helping me discover creators I’m not familiar with.  Dark Horse is quickly becoming my favorite publisher due to it’s high quality content.

  2. I’m all over this. New Concrete!

  3. Yeah, I’m stoked for this.

  4. will do a flip through at the store if they have it. The price point is scary at first…could wind up being ok. 

  5. Ooh. Very happy for some new Concrete. What has Paul Chadwick been up to, I wonder?

  6. I’ll get #1 if for no other reason than Xerxes.  $8.00.  OK expensive, but it is about a $1/page which is what we generally pay.

  7. @PozrDu  or $.10 a page…this isn’t a $80 comic, haha.

  8. If you’re on the edge on this, it is bimonthly. Consider it $3.99 for 40 pages a month. Sound a little more reasonable?

  9. @TexasZombie99  Maybe not now, but we’ll see what I can get people to pay on ebay for this.

  10. This title coming back is like a dream come true for me. A few years ago when I got back into comics I devoured a lot of the original back issues. I always wished that this anthology never ended or would eventually come back and now it has!

  11. Hope there’s some great material.

  12. I’m having a terribly hard time deciding which cover to get…

  13. @TexasZombie99: It’s not $80 …yet! 😉 

  14. Ordered the Chadwick cover thru DCBS and will get this one at the LCS.

  15. I am thrilled this is back. The $8 every two months instead of $4 (or better $3) each month is a little odd, but if it is all original material I will be there. The first return issue of Savage Sword of Conan featured a reprint through most of it. It was an awesome reprint and I ahd not read it before… but still, $8.

  16. @Funcrusher  Concrete!

  17. I would have bought this JUST for new Concrete. Add in harlan Ellison, Frank Miller, Howard Chaykin, Neal Adams and so much more? 80 pages for 8 bucks? You can’t beat this value!
  18. @Funcrusher  Miller cover is the better one! Don’t be such a cement head!

  19. This book is the best comics value I’ve seen in a long time, and there are 6 creators in the first issue alone that I would consider legends of the comics field.  Easily my pick for this week.

  20. @Toshimoko29  I agree.  Six Gun potw my ass.

  21. it was very ok. Art was great but the stories were bland and boring for the most part. 2-3 stars at best. Not worth the money. 

  22. @wallythegreenmonster  What did you find bland exactly? I thought that all of the stories were well written and interesting. The only story I didn’t really get into was the Star Wars one because I have no intention on picking up that series. I spent at least an hour and a half of engaged reading with this. That’s more than twice the time it takes to read two $3.99 issues from Marvel or DC. I consider it a great value. Can’t wait for issue #2.

  23. When did Concrete have a baby? HOW did Concrete have a baby??? I haven’t the read the last series. Need to track that down now.

  24. @Rustyautoparts  — i touched on it earlier, but for the most part i was pretty bored with the stories. Well written….i guess so technically, they just didn’t engage me or do anything special for me. I was waiting for the wow factor and surprise of something new..just didn’t get it. Usually when i read a good comic i put it down and say “WOW..i can’t wait to read more of this!”. That never happened once here…my reaction was more like “thats it?”…. so i guess it wasn’t my cup of tea. I did really like the Snow Angel one though. 

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