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  1. How do you know when nothing will be revealed about the Sentry – when the blurbs claim that something will.

  2. Coltrane: Oh you.

    …however I probably agree, considering that we’re not supposed to find out "EVERYTHING ABOUT THE SENTRY" until the Dark Avengers Siege tie-in.

  3. Looking forward to this. I love Noh-varr. He’s awesome. I love the idea of an angsty punky teenager against the world… but who’s actually an alien and could do real damage. brilliant

  4. Anyone have a comment on how Bendis has been using Marvel Boy? I’ve only read the Morrison stuff and then the appearance in Aaron’s Wolverine The List last month. I liked all that, but I heard that if you liked that then you wouldn’t like Bendis’s take on the character for some reason. Either way, I’m on board for the Bachalo art.

  5. @flapjaxx-Bendis hasn’t used Marvel Boy enough thus far to judge what the take on the character is.  Anyone criticizing is thus only an ignorant Bendis hater, very typical on message boards.  Seems likely that an upcoming issue will have a spotlight on Marvel Boy finally.  Then we’ll truly see how the character turns out.

    Of course at some point it seems like Marvel Boy will have to grow the F*** up!  Know what I mean?

  6. @edward. I’m assuming you’ve read the mini by Morrison. If not, do it. It’s a jolly good existential romp.

  7. I hope this is good.  I’m not buying so I guess I mean I hope this issue proves me wrong.

  8. That’s a fantastic cover by Bachelo……and he’s doing the interiors?

    Gahhh!!! *crumbles to the ground* Only one more month……only one more month…

  9. While I think Dark Avengers has been a complete let-down, the spotlight on Marvel Boy and the Bachelo art might make me pick this up..

  10. Hmm, I might pick this up. I dropped Dark Avengers back with issue 4 or so, but I felt like this character was the one out of the group that had some potential.

  11. Wait, five bucks? Meh.

  12. @KickAss: Yeah, I think if I remember right the complaining I read was just about how Bendis (apparently) sent the character away or whatever. So we haven’t really gotten his take on Marvel Boy. I’m generally not a fan of Bendis’s Avengers, but for Marvel Boy and Bachalo I’ll give this a $5 try.

  13. TNC, what is your gain of adhering to your own blustery declaration on a message board a year ago?

    Although, I do wonder at your philosophy once your self imposed exile is exhausted. Once you get to January are you allowing yourself to pick up any back issues Bendis wrote in 2009? Suppose this issue is touted as one of the best of 2009 (highly doubtful, of course), are you going to allow yourself to pick up the back issue? Assuming you do end up buying a Bendis book again, will there just be a black hole where 2009 should be?
  14. @Aaron17: I loved Morrison’s series. I thought it was a crazy hyer-realistic version of a coming of age story. Noh-varr rebels agaisnt the government and burns cities down, he is disgusted by consumerism and kills a living corporation and finally, he’s main adversary is the father of the girl he’s sleeping with. Who’s hasn’t wanted to blown up their girlfriend’s dad at one point?

    The series had this wonderful tone of "it’s you and me against them, babe." I loved it. it captures that period in your teens were you are just angry and you don’t know why

  15. @Andrew: I’m most likely going to find the trades of what I missed and read them. Probably either borrow from work or at Barnes and Nobel. I will be find never getting the back issues, cause quite frankly I don’t seem to think of getting everything he’s done this year.

    Most likely try out Dark Avengers, new Ultimate Spider-Man, and New Avengers. Everything else, I’ll probably just skip. I’ll probably go back to USM and NA in issues again if they are any good and not ‘Seige’ tie-ins.

  16. it’s a good thing I only like Bachalo’s art when Bendis writes

  17. I seriously do not understand why people like Bachalo’s art.


  18. Bachalo’s art on ASM was awesome, DA has been getting better since Utopia so hopefully this can keep it up.

  19. $4.99?!?!

    Double sized or not, surely that’s a bridge too far?

  20. Bachalo has storytelling problems sometimes, but the way he puts a page together and the skewed details he puts in his art are pretty unique, imo. Sometimes his style can backfire in a reader’s eyes, depending on what he’s going for (a couple of his late-’90s Uncanny X-Men issues were the worst things I’ve ever seen), but usually I kick a real kick seeing how he uses his talent each time out. The changes are sometimes subtle, but he really does keep changing as an artist.

  21. ^* "I GET a real kick…"

  22. I’ve enjoyed most of Bachalo’s art, but I still find a little too cartoony at times.  But I agree with Flapjaxx that it is certainly unique to other styles.

  23. Back when Bachalo was doing Shade and also the Death miniseries he was the best artist around in my opinion.

  24. The key to Bachalo’s art is colorist, Antonio Fabela.  Their stuff was beautiful during their X-MEN run with Mike Carey

  25. @ TNC

    By the way, I don’t really think you missed too much on your Bendis hiatus, so please don’t think I am an advocate for gobbling up everything he wrote in 2009. I’ve liked New Avengers, but you could probably save time and money with a 5 minute flip through of the recent issues. 😉

     Also, I have no idea what I did to make that last comment bold. Bold is for angry people (mostly). 

  26. Noh Varr is back!  And Bachalo is drawing him.  What else can you ask for? 

  27. Damn. i’m in love with Bachalo’s art again. WTF?!?

  28. This issue is a perfect example of why I love Brian Michael Bendis.

  29. This issue is a perfect example of why I love Chris Bachalo.

  30. This was probably the best non USM and Powers thing that Bendis has writen in a looooong time.

  31. i’m excited by the response to this.

  32. so who’s that steve guy captain america’s talking to…?

  33. Not a fan of this issue tho Bachalo’s art was suprisingly comprehesible

    I’m not sure if Bendis is aware the Supreme Intelligence is actually dead (see Annhilation)

    also thats one fugly costume

  34. Loved Bachalo’s art. Hated Noh-Varr’s new costume. And was that Steve Rogers at the end?

  35. @Wulfstone, that isn’t the "real" supreme intelligence. Noh-varr is actually a kree from a differient demension and has a alternate version of the supreme intelligence with mental problems like schizophrenia.

  36. I am thoroughly confused, was that bucky talking to cap? he called him steve, did they somehow hack his machine and give him the bands and tell him hes a guardian? or was that the kree? can someone PLEASE explain this to me?

  37. Gentlemen & Gentlemen, though this was a 5 star comic indeed, the true pick of the week is "Siege: The Cabal."  Direct your votes to that comic please, in an orderly fashion.

  38. @noro26 That looks like Bucky Cap speaking to uncostumed Steve Rogers. It was the Kree Supreme Intelligence who empowered Noh-varr. Bucky and Steve were just observing.

    I thought this was a great issue, and probably the best single Bendis issue I’ve read in a good while. Not sure about the new costume, but I’m keeping an open mind. 

  39. *Spoiler alert*

    What was with the last page?  Did I miss something?  Last we left Steve Rogers wasn’t he seemingly under the Red Skull’s control and claiming not to be Steve Rogers?  Seriously, did I miss an issue of something?


  40. Yeah whats with that last page???


  41. Usually bullshit Bachalo art. I’m getting real sick of his neo-anime garbage; does this man not understand proportion? And whoever designed the new Captain Marvel costume *really* wasn’t trying, ’cause that’s disturbingly generic. Maybe it’ll look better when drawn by someone who isn’t poorly aping manga.

    Story was ok.


  42. Obviously the delays on REBIRTH came back to bite them in the ass.  Sweet revenge for Bendis perhaps who had the end of USM Gwen Stacy/Carnage story ruined by Ultimatum #1.

    Outside of the new costume, I love this issue.  I wasn’t even going to get it but my LCS had it in my pull because I get DA, and I’m glad they did.

  43. Yeah, the delays caught up to Marvel here.  But was there any surprise that Steve was going to get out of Skulls grasp?  Didn’t really spoil anything, the question has always been about how Steve got away, not if he would get away.

  44. This may be my pick.  I was very impressed with this issue.

  45. Steve Rogers at the end?  what we are experiencing here is the fact that both Cap: Reborn and the Who Will Wield the Shield? one-shot were both to have been finished and released prior to this being released.  This seems unfortunate.  BUT, this makes for an very interesting mystery as to how those stories will play out to get us to the point we just saw in this issue.

     I started this attempting to have a very open-mind about Bachalo’s art.  For the most part, I enjoyed it.  I still had some issues, especially when the action scenes kicked in.  That double-page spread of the Dark Avengers has a few issues.  But, I really enjoyed the book as a whole. 

  46. Loved it, loved it.  That art was stunning and Bendis is tapping into some real potential for Noh-Varr’s character now that he’s high tailed it from the awful Dark Avengers team.  He could make for an interesting solo character, as the always on the move outsider of the Marvel universe.  Shame about the new costume as he looked great in the suit.  Don’t know what to think about the ending.  Shame it blew the surprise to an extent, but it promises a fun story to come in the next couple of months, just the same.

  47. Well, yea, obviously Steve getting away from the skull isn’t much of a surprise, but I didn’t think it was going to happen so soon.  Between this and the Siege previews, I really have little reason look forward to the end of Reborn, because I know how it is going to end.  Sure, it might be fund seeing how they get there, but there’s no anticipation left in the story.  There should have been a little more time built in between the two stories.  Bendis and Brubaker should have at least tried to coordinate this.

  48. I should add, though, that aside from that last page (and the aforementioned horrible costume redesign) I LOVED this book.  Vintage Bendis at work and I love the art.  We finally have a reason for Noh-Varr to exist in the Marvel U.  Would definitely be on board for a Bendis/Bachalo ongoing Noh-Varr book.

  49. I blame Hitch.  remember when Reborn 1 came out and they said that Butch Guice inking was going to keep this on time?  yeah, that would have been nice.

  50. 1. Definitely uncostumed Steve. Who will wield the shield? Uh – Bucky 6 months ago.

    2. I agree that the Supreme Intelligence that we saw was not "our" Supreme Intelligence. I am a pretty keen follower of the Marvel cosmic books, and I have not seen the Supreme Intelligence since the Inhumans overtook control of the Kree Empire.

    3. Also hate the new Noh-Varr costume, but have grown to like the character quite a bit.

  51. @jspegele-But didn’t you know that Steve was going to get away based on just the title ‘Reborn’?  That was the only realistic conclusion to the mini.  Hell, even Brubaker has said (and this is paraphrasing) that Steve was coming back in ‘Reborn.’ 

    And as far as the ‘so soon’ aspect goes, originally there was supposed to be only one more issue of ‘Reborn’ before it ends, and it was supposed to have come out already.

  52. Well I knew Steve was coming back, but I purposely try to avoid reading any previews of/interviews about upcoming books, so I knew nothing about it other than that Cap was coming back.  After the end of issue 4, though, I was kind of looking forward to Red Skull Cap sticking around for a few more issues, which obviously is not going to happen.

  53. This was a damned good book!

    Why the hell it couldn’t have been a full issues or issues of Dark Avengers PROPER I don’t know.

    Bachalo’s art was actually really good here. Makes me miss the days of his working with Mike Carey on X-Men.

  54. Bendis really makes bachalo’s artwork sing. This was gorgeous and fun. I’d love to see bachalo on dark avengers, over deodato

  55. 5$ for another young hero soul searching in the streets and meets a kindred soul story

  56. I was wondering if Noh Varr was a new incarnation of any character. His costume looked familiar.

    Then I realized it reminded me of the cover of the Punisher War Journal Vol. 2 (Goin’ Out West)

    JUST ME..

  57. I really liked this, it was way better than expected. But the costume was just plain bad design. Otherwise, very good issue. I would’ve dropped Dark Avengers long ago if it wasn’t for Deodato’s brilliant panel layouts. So Creepy!


    @TNC: You do know that USM has nothing to do with Marvel universe proper???

  58. I really like the interiors on this, but HATED the cover.  No-Varr is unrecognizable.  I’ve dropped Dark Avengers and only got this after reading that No-Varr was going to be the focus.  His story interests me.  If I hadn’t read that, I never would have picked up this annual, because I wouldn’ have recognized him on the cover.

  59. 4/5 because the costume is fugly!

  60. I’m a little irritated that they pretty much spoiled the ending of Captain America: Rebirth.  

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