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SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! The secrets of the Sentry are revealed but is it too late? Is this a hero reborn or a eulogy? The most pivotal moment in this controversial character’s life yet is here, and how it affects the siege on Asgard will leave you breathless.

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
PENCILS: Mike Deodato
COLORED BY: Rainier Beredo
COVER BY: Mike Deodato

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.2%


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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. This should be interesting. I really look forward to the ifanboys bitching about this

  2. @edward I don’t recall them complaining much about Siege at all.  In fact I think all 3 have enjoyed it quite a bit so far.  You’re so mean!!!:)

  3. I think he’s talking about them bitching on the Sentry.

  4. the sentry, mate, the sentry.

  5. Awww, I see now.

  6. excited to see how this new sentry direction pans out, hopefully he doesnt run off, put on a brand new day cd, get his hair cut like ultimat spidey and start crying

  7. personal jinks!

  8. Soooooo tired of the Sentry. Especially since he just killed the by far most interesting character in DA. Seriously? He’s a junkie? That’s the reveal? I know I got shit for saying this a few weeks ago but does anyone STILL think the Sentry is interesting?

  9. Definitely, but I see where your coming from though.  But what do I know.  Daken is my favorite character in DA and just about everyone that I know hates him and finds him way too linear.  What can I say.  I like sadistic people.

  10. Yes, he is interesting.

    jumping on a bandwagon? not interesting

  11. it just occurred to me that Rain Beredo probably got paid for those B & W pages last month, sweet deal.

  12. Another piece of the puzzle to the new Sentry. I’m definitely giving this a shot, to see if BMB’s latest Sentry reinvention can actually get me interested in the character.

  13. Sorry to do this to everyone but as a Deadpool fan……This does have a pretty funny variant too it.

  14. Last issue was probably my favorite issue of this series so far. 2 more issues after this.

  15. Edward’s prediction in the 1st post is likely spot on.

  16. @edward: bandwagon! i was hating the Sentry before hating the Sentry was cool! but seriously, I think most of my recent anger stems from killing Ares in Siege. I know he’s a god so he’ll be back eventually but he was one of my favorites in NA and definitely my favorite in DA so I think I’m just mad about that. I really hope the Sentry story turns out to be cool in the end, I guess so far I just haven’t seen it.

  17. @USPUNX-You’re just bandwagoning your love for Ares at this point!  "All of a sudden" you’re on the "Ares was the best Avenger" bandwagon!

  18. @kickass: hell i’ll drive that bandwagon!

  19. @ tnc the newest round of dp variants are all pretty funny I think, overkill? Sure but funny

  20. @USPUNX: i don’t think you’re meant to like the Sentry for killing Ares. that’s the point

  21. hmm, every time someone abbreviates it as "DA" my inner voice reads it as "Disney Adventures".  and every time someone abbreviates Deadpool as "dp", well nevermind.

  22. if marvel put out a series "real" dp varient covers, well sir, that would be something

  23. @ birdseye and edward
    lol I actually thought that as I was typing

  24. i can’t stop thinking of it

  25. Just turn Sentry into Marvelman and be done with it already.

  26. @edward: to me the sentry is like the smoke monster in lost. bendis brought him into the story early on thinking he would be this cool, mysterious character, and now that we are at the end of this grand 7 year story he’s like, ‘shit! i need to create some answers about him!’ and all the sudden the sentry turns out to be the man in black. ya know?

  27. @ USPUNX: well, i do think some of bendis’ big pay offs are weak. Every skrull reveal in Secret Invasion was lame. The mysterious person that organised the prision break in New Avengers #1 was a bit of "meh" Too much foreplay and no follow though (not that i know what foreplay is) 


  28. Dark Avengers is more and more like a Sentry ongoing as of late. Me likey.

  29. I figure the Sentry has until the next issue of Siege to have his fun. Then Phobos will show up and he will fly away crying again, this time a full-fledged super villain.

  30. @cotton: I was thinking the same. After killing Ares I think it would be awesome if Phobos, with no super strength or energy powers of any kind, was the one that beat the Sentry. Clearly the Sentry has mental problems and who better to exploit that than the god of fear.

  31. wow, this was great. bendis really knows how to write a good norman. its a shame osborn is dead in the ultimate universe

  32. Setry is awesome. There I said it.

  33. it’s Ok, DenverDave, you’re among friends here

  34. @roi

    I agree I love his Norman but I think Victoria is the best character in this series! She just feels like a real and complete person.

  35. @Peter oh for sure. I hope she sticks around in some way

  36. @anyone So did this take place before Siege #2?  There was reference to Ares doing planning for Asgard. 

    Generally disappointed with this issue, but still somewhat enjoyable.

  37. @Vada
    yeah It must have, I got the feel bendis is showing us how sentry got to be in the mental state he was in during siege ( all voided up)

  38. this was a messed up issue. the sentry is annoying and i just want him to actually be good right now. i love victoria hand. but that whole sex scene tween ms marvel and hawkeye was completely uncalled for

  39. Dark Sentry.

  40. Badass Void moments are badass. Another amazing issue from Bendis and Deodato! 

  41. @Peterparker18102: I agree, I hope there are plans for her in the Avengers relaunch.  When she first appeared she looked so much like the Baroness from G. I. Joe I pictured with a Russian accent.

  42. @jes
    love to see her have a role in secret avengers

  43. @rayclark I think they were attempting to show how utterably decadent this group actually is.  It’s not like it showed anything.

  44. Correction: I meant ‘utterly’.  WTF is wrong with me!!!!

  45. This issue was a waste of paper. How many more Sentry tatrums is Bendis going to write?

  46. Just flat-out BORING! After last issue I don’t know what I was expecting, but this issue was definitely not it. It was just friggin’ boring. Absolutely nothing important happened. And it definitely ain’t tied-in to Seige, either.

  47. @peterparker18102 I agree about Hand.  The first half of this book was some of the best dialogue we have seen in Dark Avengers.  The second half of the book, even with all the action, paled in comparison. Overall 4/5.

  48. @Alan
    yeah I gave it a 4 pretty solely based on Victoria and Normans scenes. Although I will say it did seem to be building to something

  49. Do you think D.A. Miss Marvel (Moonstone) is one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses? 

  50. sex scene? she had her pants (using the term loosely) on still.  unless Bullseye’s power includes getting around skintight fabric, they weren’t doing it. and say what you want about this issue as a whole, I think that cliffhanger was pretty badass.

  51. THIS WAS GREAT. I like the Sentry so much more as a Rogue instead of a hopeless/helpless do gooder.

  52. Good issue as usual, is this set before Siege though because Norman Osborn mentioned Ares and i seem to remember him being ripped in two..i think the sentry stuff could be done a bit quicker, but im ok with it so i dont mind.

  53. it’s before Siege, and it should be taking place between issues 4 and 5, but I guess things got a little muddled up

  54. In this issue Norman’s powerhouse publically tears up New York, but remains on the Avengers, and Norman remains in charge. A couple days later Norman’s U-Foes blow up a football stadium while fighting a guy with a sword and he still remains in charge AND it’s an excuse to a fight a war with a third party????? Dark Reign is dumb and can’t end soon enough…

  55. It’s a shame this is ending because the last few month have been the strongest of the series

  56. @rwpos  Since when does the public know that Norman sent the U-Foes out there? Did I miss an issue or are you assuming that the public in the marvel universe knows as much as we, the readers, do?

     Also hovering miles above the city while a huge storm tears up midtown is hardly public. i bet no one even noticed the sentry and norman up there because they were too busy running for their lives. in the words of billy bob thornton, "it’s a big ass sky"

  57. @RoiVampire – the U-Foes are one of the sanctioned teams in the Initiative. That’s why they’re fighting alongside Norman during the Seige. So yes, the public does know, and during the televised games would have seen a fat man with a sword get blasted by the U-Foes, resulting in the U-Foes killing thousands. Before heading to lay seige on Asgard. Dumb.

  58. Not the biggest Sentry fan but I do love the Sentry/Osborn relationship.  I’m not sure if it is just Norman trying to keep control over him or if it is two crazy psychos finally finding a real friend.  I think it might be both.  But as much as I liked this issue I would be been dissapointed if I had just bought it for Seige.  The cover should have said it was a "Prelude to Siege" not a Siege crossover.

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