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  1. loos at that mischeious twinkle in osborn’s eye. peter is going to be really annoyed when he comes home and sees what obsorn has done in his webs

  2. look

  3. I saw the preview pages to this issue and I am loving Mike Deodato’s art.  It’s so fitting to title like Dark X-Men as well I especially like his Ares.  He draws him really big and menacing at the same time.  The way I picture Ares would be. I’m looking forward to this. 

  4. Are they going to finally address the Sentry thing…

    got his head blown off in one issue, next issue nothing…

    fled the plantet in another issue chased by the void… next issue nothing. 

    one issue he murdered an entire city of atlanteans, next issue nothing… no guilt, no memory.

    oh yeah, his ‘wife’ killed by female ultron… next issue she’s alive.

    Maybe the sentry is just a collection of all the -house of m- mutant powers, i think he was the one that threw the collective into the sun… there was a frame that showed his eyes afterwards. 

    I’m begining the think that Sentry is just a comic relief character… come-on "a million exploring suns?"

  5. Deodato has been the MVP in comics this year.  His dynamic storytelling and attention to detail is topped by no other.

  6. I though last issue was the strongest of the series so far; really looking forward to this

  7. Great series indeed.  Outside of the Utopia crossover one of the best series from Marvel in the past year.

  8. @kickass – I though last issue was by far Deodato’s best work.  I think he gets in his own way when he tries to get too creative with his pages.  Last issue was more panel-based and really showcased his storytelling

  9. I got turned off from the Utopia crossover, but the addition of Molecule Man makes me want to dive back in.  Stupid nostalgic characters from my youth. 🙁

  10. @yamamoto- I’ve been anxious for some Sentry answers as well.  Wasn’t there an issue of Dark or New Avengers where the Void showed up at the end of the book to attack his wife?  I don’t mind a few dangling loose ends, but I agree, there needs to be a lot of filling in the blanks with that character.

  11. I have faith that all these ‘random’ events, loose ends and what-have-yous, are all, in fact, part of the plan and will make perfect sense when revelaed and explained.

    However, this not be explained in a satisfying manner, it is I who will explode with the power of a million exploding suns…

  12. HOLY CRAP!!!  This is Marvel’s best book of the year, beyond excellent!  Can’t wait to hear the iFanboy’s eat their words on how A-list this title has been with Bendis/Deodato on it.

  13. @kickass wow. for someone who really doesn’t seem to like ifanboy, you sure comment on this site a lot.

  14. Can someone explain to me what the point of this issue was?

  15. @DD-HAHAHAHA oh wow.  So much happens in this issue, jam packed with information.  And it doesn’t cease to amaze when people ask these questions, does it?

  16. Who died "for reelz"? They all kinda "died" right?

    I thought this issue, had some good moments, especially liquid bullseye trying to kill.

  17. Bendis relies too much on death as a "shocking" plot device.  Hawkeye, Goliath, Alpha Flight, etc. … Character death is an easy score as a writer trying to spice up a story but it’s impact quickly gets diluted when the card is overplayed.  Mr. Bendis, you are a genius, but please find some new ways to dazzle us with your brilliance and stop dipping into this dry well.

  18. @Zenman- Who actually died in this issue?  There’s no confirmed death.  And Bendis didn’t kill off Goliath either.  Nice try on both counts.

  19. Line of the issue: "That is angry water"


    SometimesI thinked the avenger’s writers willl come up with a clever line and builds a story around it.

    -He alpha flighted them-

    Pym telling Richards "It’s on bitch!"

     I think it’s tough to manage omnipotent beings like molecule man and the beyonder… kinda hard to fight/trick them if they are not bounded by physical laws including time.

  20. @Kickass: Yes, you are correct about Goliath.  Millar wrote Civil War where he died although Bendis had a significant role in helping to shape that plot and story.  I won’t restate the characters that died in this issue here because the comments section is not a good place to include any spoilers about the current issue.  Will they stay dead?  Doubtful but it seemed like a very weak attempt to build some fanboy buzz.  I’ve been a fan of all things Bendis and of this book but he’s capable of much, much better IMO.

  21. Ares was turned to stone right? I remember reading it in another book, but for the life of me i can’t remember what issue. Its been a couple months since i dropped the last of my marvel books that tied into DR.thanks.

  22. I think the reason why I’m still reading this is just in case something major happens in the Dark Reign storyline.  Other than that I don’t know why I still read this.

  23. That is angry water. Heh.

  24. So do we think this book is over after Siege?

  25. molecule man rocks … i like how the beyonder is his friend

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