The apocalyptic events of SHADOWLAND have left the once-proud legacy of Daredevil in tatters. Now, far from the mean streets of Hell’s Kitchen, a new evil is rising, and the only man crazy enough to face it is a man with nothing left to lose. The road to Hell was paved with good intentions, but the long road to redemption is the far harder path…

Story by Andy Diggle
Art by Davide Gianfelice
Cover by Jock

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.0%


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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. I *should* buy this…

  2. Getting this purely because I have to pre-order my books two months in advance. I have zero interest now. Hooray for broken systems!

  3. I’ll probably peek on the shelves, but wait & hear what people say.  If it’s good, I’ll probably trade-wait.

  4. I think I’ll give this shot too but main buy reason is for jock cover

  5. I really miss having an amazing Daredevil book. Diggle’s run didn’t excite me and then Shadowland was just annoying. As much as I love Matt, I think it’s time to put him on the shelf for awhile until a truly great writer can reinvigorate it.

  6. @mikeandzod21  Might be a good plan, the book dropped off considerably when Diggle took over, and Shadowland was justa mess, but not sure who could do the job Bendis and Brubaker did.

  7. I’m not getting burned by Diggle again. Unless I read glowing reviews I’m not paying for it.

  8.  I’m curious about what Matt’s thinking. Art looks kinda bad though.

  9. My understanding was that this is the DD story Diggle wanted to tell and is very proud of. Brubaker was supposed to write DD a bit longer than he ended up writing it so Diggle took over early and had to write Shadowland…really hoping this is better! The art in the previews didn’t thrill me at all but I’m hoping the story brings Matt/DD to a better place and sets up some more good DD stories.

  10. Weird how do you make dare devil good again?

  11. @rottenjorge  Easy, get a good writer and have him tell a good story.

  12. @rottenjorge Good again as in morally? or good comic? Matt fucked up pretty bad, cut off all ties and has the presence of mind to have panther watch over Hells Kitchen.  It sounds like he is good just guilty.   It could be a while before it’s “good again” as far as a comic.

  13. This was, for the most part pretty good.  A bit cliched, but what story isn’t nowadays.

    4 out of 5.  Why couldn’t Diggle write like this for his run on DD proper? 

  14. I remember Gianfelice now from his great stuff in Northlanders, and his work carries this issue, but again, something about Diggle’s writing I just ain’t diggin.

  15. Really liked this issue.  I haven’t liked reading Daredevil in a long time but kept picking up the trades when I’d see them on the 50% off shelf.  The Bendis to Brubaker runs were way to depressing for me, with it just getting worse as time went on.  I haven’t read the last few trades or know or care what Shadowland was all about, but this was good.  Finally an issue with a shred of hope for Matt Murdock.  The art was pretty good too.

  16. I had a feeling there’d be trouble in that quiet, small town!

  17. Simple, but I liked it.

  18. I quite liked it as well. This is the type of story I like. PotW for me. 

  19. Didn’t this story already happen 5 or 6 times in Punisher comics? I hope it goes somewhere interesting.

  20. @scallionsncreme  There are really only like 10 basic plots anyhow, so I think it’s safe to say yes.

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