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Story by Andy Diggle
Art by Davide Gianfelice
Cover by Jock

Size: pages
Price: 3.99

Thank you Andy Diggle! I knew you could tell good stories. With DD: Reborn #1 Diggle picks up shortly after the climax of Shadowland with Matt Murdock wandering in the desert in search of nothing. From the opening narration I knew this was going to be different than the disastrous Shadowland. For one, Diggle himself said this is the Daredevil story he’s been wanting to tell, and I don’t mind forgetting Shadowland and giving him a clean slate for this. Davide Gianfelice is on art duties and though I didn’t like what I saw when I scanned the previews earlier in the week, I thought that his style fit the tone of the story very nicely. Diggle and Gianfelice both seem to be comfortable together here and some really nice sequences result. I particularly enjoyed the two sequences that Matt interacted with the local blind kid in front of the cafe.

Like most Daredevil fans, I’m just as much (or more) a fan of Matt Murdock as I am of Daredevil, and Diggle offers fans some quality Matt time. In the aftermath of everything that has happened the last few years, Matt has a lot to think about. Between his wife going insane and his subsequent infidelity with his business partner, his blow up and falling out with Foggy , taking over the Hand and the whole Beast possession thing, and various other personal problems, Matt is taking some much needed “time off.” How will he fix his problems back in Hell’s Kitchen? Are they even worth fixing? But in typical fashion his personal time is interrupted by a crisis and people (at least the one blind kid) in need and Matt’s hand is forced to action.

I’m a little bummed that this is continuing the 4-issue story arc trend, but if they get DD back on track in 4 months I’ll be impressed. Diggle finally begins to shine as he gets back to the basic element of what makes Daredevil such a compelling title- he’s just a guy who has been bullied and has had a rough time and who has the will and power to step up for others in similar circumstances. I heard somewhere that this is Diggle’s last DD story and if this is direction he is going with the character I’ll be sad to see him go, especially so close to Shadowland. Either way, I’m on board for this in a big way and look forward to more.

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the excellent cover art by Jock. Along with many of the other members on this site, Jock is a favorite of mine and this cover is a prime example of why. Paul mentioned it in best covers of the week, but the broken billy clubs that make a chalk body outline over the shadow of the city Matt left behind was excellent and the preview for the next cover at the end is equally (though in a different way) excellent.

Quite enjoyable on all counts for me.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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