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The first story arc from the creative team of Andy Diggle (THUNDERBOLTS) and Roberto De La Torre (IRON MAN) reaches its shattering climax. Backed-up by the ruthlessly loyal ninja army known as The Hand, Daredevil declares war on a murderous cadre of dirty NYPD cops — and Hell’s Kitchen is the battleground! But can Foggy Nelson and Dakota North find out who’s really behind the recent spiral of violence before the city burns?

WRITER: Andy Diggle
PENCILS: Roberto De La Torre
COLORED BY: Matt Hollingsworth
LETTERED BY: Chris Eliopoulos
COVER BY: Esad Ribic

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Wow! This is a cover! Ribic should be doing a DD mini or one shot.

  2. I’ve been really enjoying Diggle on DD. I keep forgetting about it but whenever i see it on my pulllist i get stolked to read it

  3. I’ve liked him as well, but not as much as Bendis and Brubaker.  He still needs to give some flavor to his telling of these stories and I don’t think he’s fully developed a stride yet.  Still good though.

  4. I’m glad they’re getting Ribic to do more superhero stuff…

  5. @vadamowens:  I aggree.  I’m excited for the issued co-written by Johnston (writer of Wasteland).  I think that’s where the story will pick up the pace.

  6. @devildog Yeah, wasteland is pretty fucking sweet.  Unfortunately, I’ve only read the first trade.  It’s hard to find in Dayton for some reason.

  7. I’m wondering what the heck is going on with Diggle. He leaves tbolts for dd because he can’t write 2 ongoings I guess… then Dark Reign: Hawkeye #5 gets delayed months and is finally solicited with a co-writer. Now DD is being co-written. Is Diggle working on something else or what?

  8. I’d agree that this run hasn’t shown a unique flavor yet.  maybe a different art style would have helped.

  9. @vadamowens:  My lcs has a tough time with getting Wasteland is as well.  I often find myself ordering the issues on the internet. 

  10. "Hell’s Kitchen is now under the protection of The Hand!…."

    pg 22 

    nuff’ Said! 

  11. hmm so I’m guessing Diggle will be writing Shadowland. Great issue.

  12. Well, I must recant on my earlier statement about Diggle getting his stride.  He was in full stride this issue.  This just went to the top of my list for POTW.  What a fucking sweet-ass issue!!!!

  13. I liked this issue a lot, but Diggle does allow some of his characters to slip into "comic book speak," with phrasings like "Never fear" [Kingpin to Lady Bullseye]. It’s a minor peeve, and it’s easy to gloss over, but it gets to me in a book that’s written on such a realistic level in other places. Well, in tone if not in content. 

     The only other thing that bugged me about this issue is that it’s a bit unclear if Daredevil’s ninjas killed any cops or soldiers. I know LB did, but the implication seems to be that everyone was taken prisoner.. but there was definitely room in the dialogue for some fatalities in the battle. The battlefield was fairly bloody. I assume that Diggle hasn’t made DD a copkiller, but I’m not sure.  

  14. while Diggle and De La Torre’s run still hasn’t really established its flavor, it is distinctly in the world of Daredevil.  Foggy and Dakota’s reaction of NEEDING to find Matt when Kingpin is mentioned; when Matt calls Bullseye a monster, it has weight behind it; Matt declaring that Hell’s Kitchen is under Hand protection, just as he has maintained it is under his protection alone.  all of these things just exist as a part of Daredevil continuity.

    and so, we now know that Daredevil leads to Shadowland.  if you read the Punisher issue from this week, Rick Remender says something about an "event" that his Franken-Castle arc is leading to.  hmmm 

  15. Yeah, I must admit… I wasn’t loving this title, but DD is now a Bad Ass, and Mopey Matt is a think of Brubacker/Bendis past. Non-dropper.

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