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  1. Really excited about this book. The art looks fantastic and Diggle will do a good job… I hope.

  2. Onward and upward with Hornhead for me.  I was very impressed by Diggle & De La Torre’s stuff in the List one-shot.  However, I’d sure like Master Izo to stick around for a while.. he’s a great character.

  3. the List issue sold it for me, I’m not familiar with eiter of the creative teams work so I’m looking forward to reading this with fresh eyes.

  4. I’m jumping on here, so at least I know that if I don’t like it, it’s not because I’m comparing it to Brubaker.

  5. I think Diggle’s going to have quite the epic run on this one.

  6. Who’s getting on with this issue?

  7. @Crippler I am… Read several issues of the bendis run and several of the Brubaker run but never actually followed. 

  8. I love the new direction, this book needed a kick in the ass

  9. A Marvel title with a new creative team and its still $2.99?  Count me in.  Watch, next issue it goes up to $3.99. 

  10. Diggle can tell a hell of alot of stories now that Daredevil is _________, so hopefully this will be good.

  11. This already has the making of a good run for the new creative team, this should be an interesting issue.

  12. Curious- anyone have any prior experience with Diggle’s stuff?  I’m obviously one of those people who will stick with this title through pretty much anything, but I’m wondering if anyone’s picking this up due to liking other work from Diggle.

  13. @ JMS74 I’m really looking forward to this issue. Diggle is the man I already love Daredevil so i’m not picking it up just because he’s on it, but i’m happy it’s him. I really enjoy this Thunderbolts in my opinion it’s quality ( for the most part) month after month.

  14. Try and read The Losers and Green Arrow: Year One by Diggle and JocK. Great stuff.


  15. I was going to drop this, because I didn’t care for anything of Diggle’s other than GA: Year One that I had read (haven’t gotten to Losers yet.)  Then I read The List issue and I saw glimpses of greatness that could be this Diggle run.

  16. Jumped on with #500 and was ecstatic to see how this book would go. I’m very impressed, can’t wait to see what happens next!

  17. Do I need to buy the dark reign the list daredevil, or can I continue with just this?

  18. Stepho- I would reccomend Dark Reign the List Dardevil.  Good stuff.

  19. Boy, I really did not like this issue. The are was very good, probably 4/5 in keeping with the Maleev and Lark tone of the last 7 years or so. The story, however, struck me as pretty ridiculous. Matt Murdock is still one mopey son of a gun. Appropriately mopey, sure, but mopey none the less. I’ll avoid spoiling any of the "shocks," but this isn’t Daredevil. In fact, this guy in the red suit is doing things pretty contrary to the last 500 issues of his series. Even is the so-called "sacrifice" at the end of this issue is some type of whoops-fooled-you-stupid-reader! move by Diggle, then it is just contrived. Blah.

  20. The story was decent but I can’t stand how Diggle writes the dialogue. It was odd seeing Izo say "gonna" and "ain’t". I dropped TBolts because alotta tha characters were talkin like this. It works if tha character is Heath Huston or Gambit or somethin, but fer characters like Deadpool (e.g. Magnum Opus), who don’t usually talk this way, it sounds forced and unnatural.

    The art was solid so I’m going to wait for the first arc to finish before I decide if I’m going to drop it

  21. @andrew then maybe its time for a change.

  22. I gave this a 5/5, but more out of fact that this has me flyin’ on the edge of my seat than anything else. This has some great potential, but clearly the risk is there for this to fail. I like that they’re taking the chance.

    This reminds me of Bru’s first issue with the "death" of Foggy Nelson. Only this time Diggle is really pushing it to the max by putting a death on Matt’s hands. Clearly, this is some ninja trick and Izo was able to read between the lines and play along. It not like we saw Izo’s head get chopped off. He is too cool a character to simply waste. Still though, these are intersting times. in the underground of Hell’s Kitchen.

    Is Turk going to be a member of the Hand now? A Turkja? 😉


  23. This entire issue I kept thinking to myself, how does Matt come back from this? I’m not upset though. In fact I might be thrilled. I’m on board until this book starts to feel like every other Marvel book I read. 

  24. And it looks like Daredevil is going to continue with the consistently good streak… definitely my favourite Marvel title/character.

  25. This is one of my favorite things I’ve read this week. I don’t have a whole lot of history with the character, but the art was great and we’re definitely in an interesting position. 5/5.

  26. @RonandofGilead: Oh, the old ‘if you didn’t see it, it didn’t happen’.

  27. @Mustbedamned: exactly! … but still, its damn fun to think it could of.

  28. Maybe it’s the Brubaker hangover, but I could really tell the difference in writer quality here. Everything from dialogue to story just wasn’t on the level Bru brought to this book. But, it was still good & I hope it improves more as I get over this deep deep loss. *sniff*

  29. I love Bendis and Brubaker but I’m glad to see a new take on DD. Admittedly, I read all of Daredevil since the Smith/Quesada relaunch in about 2 weeks. It doesn’t read that well in such a short period. I’ve gotten so used to DD falling that it’s nice to see him being proactive in his own way. There are great character moments throughout the issue and the art is great.

  30. @RolandoofGilead I’m in total agreement with you.. I am just rolling with it.  And rolling with the whole Izo thing.  Of course we can all see he’s probably not done for, of course that move’s been done a lot in other books in the past.  But the little possibility is there and it works better this time around to me, because the whole status quo is pretty out there.  I mean, they just made DD the leader of the Hand.  So why would things be exactly as they seem?  Izo could be dead.

    Here’s to hoping we REALLY get what’s unexpected here.

  31. I love how from Bendis to Brubaker to Diggle, it all feels like one massive story. Most comics don’t have that feeling.

  32. Not as good as Brubaker or Bendis, but okay enough to stay on board for this arc.

  33. Booo. I didn’t like the art at all. I felt the finger prints of Photoshop all over this one. All the backgrounds looked like they were run through a filter and at times Daredevil’s "DD" logo was completely flat while contoured shadows draped Matt’s chest. The story and dialogue was none too great either; I’m with Andrew (who posted above) on this one, the thing we were lead to believe happened surely didn’t happen. It’s so obvious, Matt Murdock could’ve seen it without the superpowers. In fact, in that scene ( f’ it, SPOILERS), I had to look over it a couple times to see that Daredevil Falcon Punched Izo to "death" because it didn’t look like that at 1st. BS I say! BS!!

    2 stars from me; dropped. Goodbye, Daredevil, it was nice while it lasted. 

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