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  1. 500? Was this advertised at all? I had no idea they were going back to the old numbering.

  2. Chris Eliopoulos lettering!! Awesome! I’m in!

  3. mmmm……the end of the brubaker run!!! hopefully he goest out with a bang!

  4. @AmirCat- What are you a lettering snob?

  5. psyched and sad.  brubaker writing daredevil is what got me back into superhero comics.

  6. Is Dardevil going to come out every other month now?  Or was that just Brubaker’s wrapping up?

  7. I’m thinking it was just so they could get this larger issue out without more than two months in between.  Plus Brubaker prefers to only do a few books a month.

  8. This is so sad. DON’T GO ED!!!

  9. sad to see brubaker leave this series. has it been announced yet who the creative team coming on board are going to be?

  10. @patman2 – Andy Diggle and Roberto DeLa Torre

  11. Ann Nocenti! Wow. She was on the book way back when I first started reading it. With Romita Jr on the art.

  12. Cool, loved Nocenti’s run. Anyone remember that issue "A Beer With the Devil" where Matt has a beer with Mephisto? Loved that comic.

  13. Come on, everyone, let’s call a spade a spade…. Brubaker’s run wasn’t groundbreaking.


    I am extremely happy to see one of the best titles of the last decade move on

  14. Comics don’t need to be groundbreaking to be good. I loved every issue of Bru’s run. That being said, I can’t wait to see what Diggle has in store for us.

  15. ‘wasn’t groundbreaking’ is a polite euphemism

  16. Does anybody know what Lark’s next project will be?  I hope Diggle can continue with the phenomenal run of the past 100+ daredevil issues.

  17. Ed has been goodish but it’s time to move on

  18. Man, I did not expect all the Brunaker indifference. I have loved his Daredevil all the way through, it’s fantastic stuff. Looking forward to this.

    Also quite excited to see what Diggle can do with it, he seems a logical choice to follow.

  19. This run has been great.  Eddie Bru is the EFFING man!

  20. I’ve enjoyed Bru’s run but it has been a bit of a slow burner. I like Matty when he’s all action.

  21. Should be a good finale.

  22. @skeets- "Comics don’t need to be groundbreaking to be good. I loved every issue of Bru’s run."

    Depends on what your standards are.

  23. Maybe it’s just me, but this seems like it came out of nowhere, heh.

    Excited, though. I jumped on DAREDEVIL at the last arc and I’ve been missing me some Murdock-goodness.

  24. I think the need for every story to be "groundbreaking" is what brings us all those hyped events. Just tell a good story, and do it well. That all I need from corporate superheroes. And Brubaker delivered.

  25. ^There’s a difference between being "groundbreaking", in the way that events are hyped, and being innovative or whatever, which is what I think the poster above was getting at. There are a ton of groundbreaking/innovative comics that aren’t cheap hyped events: everything from stuff like Sandman to Bendis’s Daredevil. Miller’s old Daredevil stories were also damn innovative for their day. Brubaker, on the other hand, just played with the same old noir themes, and the art never even switched up styles any. Which is fine! It was a pretty good run–started out at least as good as Bendis’s, in my opinion, but then sort of petered out. (P.S. Not that everything innovative is also excellent. For example, Final Crisis: groundbreaking storytelling…that left much to be desired.)

  26. Like i said "wasn’t groundbreaking" was a polite euphemism. What it means is Brubaker’s run was boring, dull,  un-interesting and over-rated. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the worst comic out there and lark’s art looked fantastic. Overall, it felt like a waste of time.


    I can’t wait to see if Diggle can bring daredevil back to a place of relevance and interest

  27. This issue was amazing.  Possibly my POTW.  Have to read the rest of my stack first.

  28. This took a while to win me over but I think I liked where it ended up.  A fitting end to the story Brubaker’s been telling, and a lot of possibilities for the next guy.  Fits into the ‘Dark Reign’ theme pretty well, too.

    I really enjoyed the backup by Nocenti and Aja, too.  I remember reading some X-books Nocenti worked on but I don’t think I was familiar with her Daredevil work before.

    Haven’t read the Miller one yet!

  29. Ugh. There was a ridiculous printing error in my copy. I’ll have to take it back to the shop and get it replaced. Looking forward to it, though.

  30. That was excellent.

    When did Owl complete his Wolverine obsession and get those claws, though?

    When did Billy Tan develop talent? I thought the preview with his art did a lot to dissuade my lack of interest in the new book (and in fact bolstered it quite a bit). Maybe he ought to be drawing dudes in suits instead of capes and tights. Or maybe he was working on this Daredevil run while he was supposed to be focusing on New Avengers. Or the colorist just complements him better than whoever did NA.

    The Bendis-drawn pin-up was really good, too. I knew he’d have a hand in this, but I didn’t know said hand would be holding a pencil.

  31. I thought this was quite excellent. Not a 5-star book, but it earned it’s 4-star very deservedly. I think this puts us in a very good position and leaves a lot of room for the next creative time to work in. I didn’t like the back-up stories as much, why is a big part of why this was a 4-star. Still, those weren’t bad or anything. Very interested to see where this goes from now on. Probably won’t be my POW, but a great book indeed. 4/5.

  32. First Daredevil book I’ve ever read. Picked it up cuz it’s a light week for me and I gotta say I really liked it. I’m on board. Hope the new creative team kicks ass.

  33. Also, I really liked the Frank Miller reprint in the back.

  34. And there goes the best Marvel book out. Let’s hope that Diggle can keep the pace established by Brubaker and Bendis.

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