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• The minor demons of Matt Murdock’s past lead to some Daredevil sized present problems.

Story by Mark Waid
Art by Javier Rodriguez
Cover by Chris Samnee & Javier Rodriguez

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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Waid’s best work. Period.

    Agree? Disagree?

    • I haven’t read all his stuff but this is the first run of Daredevil I have ever gotten and I haven’t looked back.

    • Has been a consistent joy, last few issues have been especially strong

    • Yep, I’ve dabbled in Daredevil of the years, picking up Miller’s run in trade and buying the first 6 issues of Kevin Smiths Marvel Knights run, and even a few of the Brubaker ones, but this is the first time I’ve bought 29 issues of Daredevil back to back. Waid has sucked me in and is not letting go!

    • Kingdom Come is my favourite of Waid’s, and Ross of course 🙂

    • I need to catch up on reading these to be able to say whether it’s his best work.

      What I’ve read of it so far I’ve really enjoyed.

      I know I read quite a bit of his Flash run, though I can’t remember what bits anymore.

      I enjoyed his Captain America work with Ron Garney.

      And I dug the Kingdom Come main event, although I did not read all of the peripherals.

    • I also heard the work he did on Amazing Spider-Man around issue #600 or so was pretty good.

    • JLA: Year One, Fantastic Four, Kingdom Come, Captain America…

      Definitely in the top 5.

    • It’s between this and Kingdom Come, I think, for Waid’s best work. I’ve always thought of him as a “very good” writer, but I can’t think of any (what I would call) “classics” besides those two works. I really liked his Flash and Cap stuff, but they seem… workmanlike compared to KC and DD.

      It’s strange, because in the ’90s I used to think of Waid and Kurt Busiek in the same breath, because they seemed to come on the scene doing good stuff at the Big Two around the same time. And I think that they’re both really good writers of comparable abilities. But Busiek just seems to have more “classics” than Waid does. I guess Busiek has more subpar work too, to balance it out, whereas Waid always hits for a fairly high average. If that makes sense?

      But, in terms of DD runs? Psssh. I think Miller’s stuff is leagues beyond Waid’s, I’m sorry. I appreciate Waid’s run a LOT, I REALLY like it, but I don’t think it touches Miller’s stuff. I’d rate Bendis’s DD above Waid’s as well. So maybe Waid’s run is the third best. But even then I don’t think that Waid has one DD collection that can match Kevin Smith’s “Guardian Devil”. There’s just SO much good DD stuff out there. Except for Batman, I think Daredevil is the character is the most amount of “classic” trades and storylines. Waid’s work here is certainly in good company.

    • I would agree that this is Waid’s best stuff, but not the best DD run to date. DD has always been just so consistently good that it’s a bit cloudy as to which run ranks supreme. I’ll always view DD as Miller’s baby and Bendis as the best stepfather he’s ever had.

      But hey, Waid(hopefully) is just getting started with the character. He’s at mid-stride as far as defining “his” DD. The other runs are over and done with. Very easy to mark the scars and recognize the evoked pathos.

    • @flapjaxx – I think you are right on all counts: Kingdom Come is ef’ing great and definitely one of Waid’s finest hours – and Miller’s DD is the bar by ALL others are measured. The best man. The best!

    • @ CaseyJustice – you know dude, I liked JLA: Year One but the art in that series was so god awful that I try and block it from my mind! 😉

    • @ghostmann – It would be physically impossible for me to disagree with you more. Barry Kitson is the bomb-diggity!

    • @caseyjustice: really? the bomb-diggity?


    • no love for Waid’s Flash run way back when?

      This DD run definitely showed that Waid’s still got some tricks up his sleeve, but Kingdom Come will probably overshadow any of his other work

  2. Not familiar enough with Waid’s other work, but his is certainly my favorite Daredevil run ever (thanks in no small part to the art team as well).

    I’m liking his Hulk book too, though I’ve never been a great fan of the character and am dropping it with issue 12 (liked the DD team up there too though!).

  3. If Rodriguez can get some more work after this series that would be great.

    Seriously, he is a fantastic artist all around and he needs more work at Marvel.

  4. The last issue was very good- 5/5, no reason to think this one won’t be great as well.

  5. JML ( says:

    This comic is never bad. Did Mark Waid sit down in a Tibetan monastery and meditate out a list of interesting twists on Daredevil’s inability to see? Making him unable to identify the judge as the shooter at the beginning of the comic was genius, as was taking advantage of his inability to identify race.

  6. Great issue as always by Waid and Rodriguez. Speaking of which, again let me repeat that Rodriguez needs to do more pencils in an issue. Gorgeous stuff in this.

    So….does this mean Silver Surfer is gonna be Matt’s law partner now? Cause that final page and tease for next month made me laugh thinking about it.


  7. I really enjoyed how much Waid played with Matt/DD’s “condition” this issue, by having it work both in his favor and against him; it was a great showcase of the his complete understanding of the character, and how to use his disability to great effect.
    Bravo once again to Javier Rodriguez, he can give Samnee a break anytime.

  8. Great issue, as usual. This book continues to be an embarrassment of riches.

    I really loved some of the choices Rodriguez made here. He illustrated the power set slightly differently than the previous artists, but kept it familiar enough to remain consistent. And I really enjoy the way he blacks out parts of the costume depending on the lighting. Particularly when Matt was stripping down to the costume and all his street clothes were blacked out. So Miller. So good.

    My guess is it’s Kirsten McDuffy in the chair. But I’m hoping it’s the Surfer. From servant of Galactus to public servant. He and Middle Management Red Skull could have a really successful buddy series.

  9. Waid continues to make great storytelling seem effortless. And as much as I like Samnee, I didn’t miss him overmuch because Rodriguez did another fantastic job.

  10. Another fantastic issue by Waid and a stellar job by Rodriguez on the art (watch out Samnee!)

    Since issue #1, Daredevil has been a guaranteed 4 stars or better each month!

  11. Loved this. The scene where DD bounces off the wall and is about to strike the villain from behind…freakin’ great!

  12. Could this be the single best run on Daredevil ever?

    • At one time that question would have been considered blasphemous. But I think this run is definitely in the conversation. So much awesomeness!

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