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• The hidden foe behind DD’s troubles plays his trump card!

• Foggy’s life is on the line!

• Plus: Who is Nelson & Murdock’s mysterious benefactor–and what does he want?

Story by Mark Waid
Art by Chris Samnee
Colors by Javier Rodriguez
Cover by Chris Samnee, Adam Kubert, & Jorge Molina

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 67.0%


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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. You know, I’ve read the classic Miller’s stories – I collected the Kevin Smith run – I’ve dabbled in Brubaker and Bendis – but it’s been these last 24 issues that have finally solidified my Daredevil “fanboy” status.

    Nice work Waid and Co.

    • you’re not wrong to feel that way. Waid’s been fantastic. What’s been great about Daredevil’s writers is everyone has played it in a new and awesome way. The character never seems to reach the limit to his potential. Don’t deny yourself that Bendis and Brubaker though. They’re long stories.. they don’t really fall into small arcs… So expect to read a little longer before you’re fully into it.

  2. to believe i’ve been reading this for two years now.

  3. Ack! It’s D-Man that’s been tormenting Daredevil??? Oh Waid, you have my attention.

  4. That’s another great cover by Samnee.

    I love the introduction to the villain in this but is it wrong to say I care more about Foggy right now?

  5. I recently picked up 1-24 off ebay and I gotta say the hype for this book is 100% justified. I wish more of those 3.99 over hyped big event books had an once of the greatness this series contains . This comic made me realize it’s time to start cleaning up my pull list.

    • I think this book cleaned up many pull lists and it’s only 2.99. I gotta say though, many events have been overhyped with too many tie ins but in really digging Age of Ultron, it didn’t get hyped up that I noticed and has a smart past,present,future concept that’s working. It doesn’t hurt that my favorite villains in other stories and ones to come are connected to this in multiple points of time. DD is the type of comic that is great to give to new readers who have a superhero stereotype outlook that keeps them from reading or missing out on ones like this. .

  6. Still loving this series. This and Hawk-guy are the only Marvel titles I buy.

    • Two of the best with the whole character study angle down. Why do non Marvel fans (no offense) think its necessary to say these are all the Marvel they read?

    • Probably to make sure no one makes the mistake of thinking we’d otherwise bother with the lesser of the big two. 😉

    • @JSAkid: No offense taken. I was just pointing out that I am a picky Marvel reader so if those make my list then they are pretty good in my book. I read a lot of other marvel titles too like the X Titles, I just prefer to pick them up in trade format because of the money I save. I refuse to pay $3.99 for a comic that is the same size as a $2.99 comic. I’ll trade wait those.

      @androiddreamer: LOL, yes I do get mostly DC comics. I would be happy to buy more of your titles Marvel. I only ask 2 things, drop your prices to $2.99, unless they are bigger issues like Batman or Justice League, and only put them out once a month. Then I’ll be happy to give you my money. Actually you still get my money, just not as much of it as I will buy the trades of the Marvel titles I like. 😉

    • Funny, as a DC guy, these are the only two marvel titlesI follow too. Wonder why that is.

    • As a guy that gets something from nearly everyone, these are two titles of Marvel’s I get in addition to some others that they publish. Fury Max is the third in the top 3 books from Marvel that Hawkeye and Daredevil have a home in. Month to month I have different favorites; and after this issue it’s definitely Daredevil.

  7. I like my trades as well. I’d be happy with a $2.99 tag across the board and love my trades as well yet I find myself enjoying the ongoings of some characters way more than others so I buy comix from all publishers practically.

  8. This and Chew were a toss up for being POTW because of how good they were.

    The only issue I had with this was the ending. Felt very 1960s Batman-esque with Ikari letting Matt go like that. He could easily have finished the job because how beaten Daredevil was….But he just lets him go. I know this is major superhero comics and we can’t have him die. But it feels very cheap to just end the issue like that.

    However, I made this my pick because of how amazing Samnee/Rodriguez was on art. I made #23 my POTW two weeks ago because of that as well. When these two gel with each other you can have some really great stuff. Incredible layouts throughout and Rodriguez delivered some beautiful colors throughout this. The page of Daredevil realizing he’s in a trap (right after Lenny dies) is some of the best sequencing I’ve seen in a comic. That final panel, ‘I don’t scare’, pretty much sums up Daredevil in every facet of the character.

    Again it was a bitch to figure out what to make my Pick this week but the art in here alone made it go right over the edge.

    5/5 (POTW)

    • “He could easily have finished the job because how beaten Daredevil was….But he just lets him go.”

      That’s literally the entire point of what Ikari was doing. Teaching the man without fear how to live in fear. He didn’t let him live just because it’s superhero comics and you can’t have him die. It’s the central theme to the plot we’ve been reading for two years. It’s more effective than anything else he could’ve possibly done, for both Matt and the audience.

    • @TNC, it’s nice to see you’ve come around regarding Samnee’s art. I know at first you weren’t as enthused as some of us hornheads.

    • @TurdSandwich: It’s not that he was bad, but his style didn’t seem to mesh well with the character. Especially early on where there were some wonky panels. But now it seems like he and Rodriguez are finally starting to gel and make some great pages.

      @WheelHands: I get that and I understand what message they’re trying to send. But Murdock is literally down for the count and Ikari could have easily finished the job.

    • Yeah, I see what you mean. I was a bit biased from the start because I really dig his aesthetic, but I definitely agree we’ve seen him grow as a storyteller over these last ten issues.

    • @TheNextChampion I think that’s the entire point. Murdock isn’t just “on the ropes” he’s down for the count. This entire run by Waid has been like a stereotypical heroic boxing match. Matt went in naïve and over confident and his life, as well as the DD’s enemies, have slowly worn him down to this point. They’re goading Murdock on because they know he’ll get back up. They haven’t knocked him out and they don’t intend to. From the start they’ve wanted to prove their superiority to Matt. They’re wanting to make him suffer, torturing him with false hope. Exhausting the hero and the man. It wouldn’t surprise me if we find out Foggy’s cancer was helped along by Daredevils enemies. They don’t want to just defeat Matt, they want to break him.

  9. POTW. This comic continues to be the perfect blend of creative writing and stellar artwork. It’s gotten to the point where whenever it comes out, I almost wish for another book in my stack to top it, and it almost never happens. I could read this book forever.

  10. POTW. That is all.

  11. I am fairly new to the series but I was blown away by this issue. It was excellent from start to finish and I’m gald I jumped on when I did.

  12. I’ve loved every issue of Waid/Rivera/Martin/Samnee/Rodriguez’s run. Month in and month out this book has some of the absolute best visual and narrative storytelling out there, and this issue stays true to that.

    The page with DD’s head broken up amongst the panels, where each one depicts a different sense was phenomenal; words, pencil/inks, and colors all working together to create perfection.

  13. Mark Waid’s work on Daredevil deserves the omnibus treatment.

  14. Fury is a helluva villain! Leave DD alone!! Another perfect issue in a long string of perfect issues.

  15. Sometimes, I wish Matt Murdock was a real person so I could touch his fabulous hair and tell him that everything is going to be all right.

  16. “Try the red one”

    Best moment in any of the books i read this week

  17. What a great comic! Wonderful art and compelling, interesting story. I love the characters….the interaction, the action. All good.

  18. Pretty good issue. Great battle at the end.

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