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Given his recent past, Matt Murdock has a lot to answer for and Captain America is doing the cross-examining. Daredevil’s quickly learning that burned bridges with his friends and former allies aren’t easy to repair particularly when Klaw, the Master of Sound, is on his tail!

Story by Mark Waid
Art by Paolo Rivera & Joe Rivera
Colors by Javier Rodriguez
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Paolo Rivera

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 10.4%


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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. Well I seem to be the only man at sea at this point so I’ll continue on….

    I really hope I pulled this thing in my LCS. lol Once again I forget whether I pulled a book after getting the first issue. I’m pretty sure that either: A) When I dropped Herc last week I picked up Daredevil or B) My LCS will have extra copies….God I hope so. The first issue was soooooooooo amazing!

  2. Really excited for this. So glad to be reading Daredevil again.

  3. Feels like issue 1 was ages ago, and I’ve been waiting so long for this one to come out! Can’t wait until Wednesday now, need to get my DD fix.

    • I feel the same way! Hard o believe it’s only been a month. That issue was one that stayed with me. I’ll probably read it again before I pick up #2.

  4. the first issue was probably the one of the best comics I’ve ever picked up, I absolutely loved it, so pumped for this one

  5. I got the first issue about two weeks ago to see what all the fuss is about and I really enjoyed. However, I don’t know if I can fit getting this series into my budget on a regular basis. I already decided to cut Captain America and Bucky, but I liked this a lot more than that so I’ll have a lot of thinking to do at the rack this week.

  6. One of the few books I pull that I’m actually caught up on at the moment. I really want to keep loving this series. When good Daredevil comes out there’s nothing better.

  7. So, why should I be getting this over Captain America? The art was great in the first issue, but so was Cap’s.

  8. i’ll say it again, i love the grinning, swashbuckling devil who kisses the bride in the middle of a smackdown! im in until his next girlfriend dies in another ‘frank miller rip-off run of the character.’

  9. I love that this ‘fresh start’ Matt’s getting only seems to be in his own eyes. Last issue we saw that Foggy was still really worried about his in-denial best friend and this week he has to answer to Cap. It’s not so easy to star over with a clean slate when you go crazy and try and take over New York after falling into a deep depression caused by years and years of everything in your life going to hell.

    I’m SO glad Waid’s not just glossing over all that’s gone before, but is still managing to give us a fresh take. And I can’t wait until happy swashbuckling Daredevil’s first encounter with Fisk.

  10. uh oh here comes judgemental Cap lol looks like he has a problem with how Daredevils been conducting himself

  11. Best Cover of the Week. No argument.

  12. This, like the first issue, was unbelievably good.

  13. This book is magical. That is all.

    5/5 (POTW)

  14. Fantastic again from Waid and co., another stunning issue. Really loved Matt using Cap’s shield and his little remark about how it made his evening to use it. Loved that. My POTW for sure, 5/5.

  15. goddamn son, this is how you do comic books.

  16. This is so refreshing… Awesome book. Waid is writing the hell out of it and Martin is amazing. Keep them on it ongoing and i am sold… 5/5

  17. Great read. It gets better next month too, they are putting out #’s 3 and 4! With 4 being drawn by Martin. As a relative newbie to comics, I am stoked to experience this exciting title from the begining.

  18. Man, how often does it happen that you get a book this great, this special with this much heart and EVERYONE’S BUYING IT? It feels like it should be an under-the-radar jewel like Thor:TMA, but it’s getting pulled like gangbusters. Here’s hoping for a hundred issues!

  19. Wow POTW again for me! I never want this Dardevil run and fantastic team to end!

  20. not a huge daredevil fan, but might pick this up. should i?

    • Yes, you should Waid is bring serious game to character, the art has been great, Issue #1 great jumping on point and his take is a DD that hasn’t been around in awhile.

    • You absolutely should. I’m also not a huge DD fan but I’m loving this series!

  21. *slow hand clap* First way to go Foggy! Awesome fun read.

  22. This was a great issue. I can’t wait for Marcos Martin to take over on art.

  23. great fun. and foggy got laid! and here i thought he had a thing for matt for the past 50 years. i gotta say, marvel is pretty progressive in their depiction and incorporation of the alternative lifestyles, what with the gay lawyer. DD catching cap’s shield was awesome. does anyone know what those things were at the end. i thought they were manhunters at first, then i realized that i was reading a marvel comic and not a DC comic. freaky last page, “resistance is futile!”

  24. Amazing. Awesome. A+.

  25. Loved it. I have never been a Daredevil fan, but I picked up the first book on a lark and now I am hooked. His encounter with Cap interesting, but really anticlimatic. You come all the way over, attack him, threaten to arrest him, then give up so easily?

  26. Hey look! Someone’s writing a Marvel detective story! Wasn’t there an article a while back asking if there were any Marvel detectives?

  27. Loved this, I’m looking forward to Marcos Martin ,but I dont need him to come aboard, I’m really enjoying the art as it is. One thing I really love about the book is the way there showing how Daredevils power works, like the bit with the heart spiking, that was really visually interesting. 🙂 love it 😀

  28. Goddamnit, I love this book.


  29. How sharp is the edge on Captain America’s shield? I ask because I am curious whether he would have decapitated or just caused a severe concussion to the poor Daredevil impersonator, should that not have been Matt in the costume.

    I, too, thought this was great, but thought it was odd that Waid brought in cranky ol’ Ultimate Captain America in an unadvertised crossover with the Ultimate universe.

  30. I liked this less than last issue. Cap’s dialog just seemed off, and I didn’t see how or why their interaction could have been “about Bucky.” I was pleased to see this was $3, I didnt realize last issue was more because of the Martin backup.

    • Matt was pointing out that holding him responsible for what he did while possessed by the Beast would be hypocritical of a Cap who stood up in court and defended Bucky by claiming he wasn’t responsible for what he did while under Soviet brainwashing. And he’s right.

  31. wow, that was good … Wow … WOW!!!!

  32. I picked up 1 and 2 because of the reviews on here. I am not really jumping up and down over it.

    Not sure why everyone likes it. Maybe I will check out the next issue and make a decision.

    • For me its the art that makes this so great. The second to last page where you are “seeing” what Matt “sees” and feeling the same confusion/dread that he is, I thought was one of the better moments in comic art that I’ve seen in a long time.

  33. Man, when Daredevil is good, it is GOOD!

    • What makes it so good for me is the change of tone. I was one of those who just got tired of the dark depressing story arcs. So far I love what Waid is doing.

    • agreed. i love what miller, bendis and even brubaker did for the character and those stories were awesome! but a change of pace, i think, is much needed. a return to the original ideas of stan lee and the various artist including everette, kirby and romita sr. at least for a few years. the only thing that should remain constant about matt murdock are his two defining characteristics which set him apart from all the other heros: a) blind man (b) pussyhound

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