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  1. Despite the lame name of the arc, I can’t wait to see where it goes.

  2. I just realised I haven’t picked #113

  3. love love love love this book!!!!  lark’s pencils are just gorgeous.  and look at that great djurdvevic cover!  he is the unsung hero of this book.  i opted for his cover of 100, cuz i was hands down the best. oh, and burbaker is telling one of the most satifying and compelling superhero books on the stands

  4. Enjoying this a lot more than the previous arc.

  5. hot damn that was good!

  6. This was good, but I’m going to start reading Daredevil in trades.  I think it reads better that way.

  7. I like the way Brubaker is breaking this story down in order to build suspense at the end of each chapter while still seeming to find something that pays off in each issue.  The interweaving of the Matt/Dakota/Milla subplot with a strong Hand ninja story that still embraces the broader cast (Iron Fist, Whie Tiger, Foggy, etc) is very skillful. And the art is a perfect fit for the tone of the story.  Top notch.

  8. this series could also be called the continuing psychological torture of Matt Murdock.  This man has had so much crap happen to him, albeit often self inflicted, you can’t help but feel sorry for him.  And this issue definitely piles it on deeper.  makes for an entertaining read though.

  9. What are the four costumes on the groud at the end?

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