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  1. I loved the last issue.  Can’t wait to se where this one goes.

  2. Last chapter was fantastic, although not really because of Lady Bullseye. Very much looking forward to this.

  3. Lark is back, but darned if Clay Mann wasn’t just fantastic. I’d kind of like to see him continue his run. Either way though, this has had a good start so far…

  4. Regardless of the high quality storytelling here (writing and art both being strong), Lady Bullseye has just a really terrible design/look.

  5. A great issue! Ties into continuity (a reference to Se ret Invasion in Daredevil? Who’d’a thunk it?) and pushes the story forward without skipping over the relationship between Matt and Dakota.

    Great stuff. My only complaint was that I wanted more.

  6. Anybody know when and if Marvel will collect Bru’s run in oversized or omnibus?  Been waiting a long time and haven’t heard anything.

  7. Ooh, I’m lovin’ this. Just the right mix of mystery, tease and ongoing characters development.

  8. Anyone else think that brubaker’s been a tad horny as of late?

  9. I really love Danny Rand being in this.  It makes the book feel a little more tied in to the Marvel U.  The scenes with Dakota and Matt were great, too.

    This was the best of the 3 Brubaker books I read this week (and I liked them all).

  10. loved this issue.  ive been loving this book period for the last seven or eight years.  hell, with the exception of eight or so issues, daredevil vol.2 had been one the most constistantly good books for the last ten years, and always one of the most satisfying reads in single format and over-arching story.  from kevin smiths forst story, through to david macks and the first bendis stuff, ignore bob gale’s, and jump right into the huge chunk of bendis stuff (ignoring mack’s second run with echo) and into Brubaker’s, and you have a decades worth of great comics.  and lark’s pencils are so damn cinematic, i could look at them all day, they are just so beautiful


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