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  1. No Lark?!  NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  2. I am prepared to not like this.

  3. I have been trying to like this since Brubaker took over and I think I am finally ready to admit that it just isn’t for me. Not only this title anymore but Brubaker as well. I haven’t hated anything that I have read by him but at the same time it’s left me mostly indifferent. I will flip through this but I will probably be dropping it this issue.

  4. Boobies of Death.

  5. Is this a new arc? Can I jump on with this issue? I haven’t been reading any of brubaker’s daredevil but have been meaning to give it a try.

  6. @jing7wei It is the beginning of a new arc, there switching gears a bit. I don’t think there’s going to be a better jumping for awhile.

  7. Finally a new start for Matt, he’s not mopey he might be getting happy and this could be an upbeat title again.

    I’m gonna read this new arc! (Notices Lady Bullseye) Nevermind!!

  8. I’m not really into Marvel and Quesada "90’s-izing" there storylines lately, but people seem to be liking them for whatever god awful reason. I hope this ends with this 90’s style reimagining getting gutted by the one and only bullseye…did marvel learn nothing from the lady doc ock?

  9. The name was enough of an eyeroll for me to regret jumping on with this series last month – CBR’s preview of it though, I gotta say looks pretty good. Clay Mann’s pretty darn adept, I gotta say. But geez, Lady Bullseye? Really? Reeally? Couldn’t we give her her own identity, and a decent suit, too? I mean, jumping around the roof tops, it’s gotta be cold wearing just…fabric swirls.

  10. I don’t think I’m in the mood for a "Boobseye." I hope Bullseye kills her and we can move on.

  11. I know it may seem a bit blasphemous but looking at the preview pages I think I may enjoy Clay Mann even more than Michael Lark.


  12. I wasn’t expecting it, but yeah, I’ll 2nd that with some trepidation. The 5 pages I’ve seen were fantastic.

  13. Hey c’mon guys, don’t write off Lady Bullseye (before you even read it)  just because it sounds like a cheesy idea — have some faith in the Bru!

  14. @Wade I’m with you people are all over this with no reason.  Read first, then hate.

  15. sexy time comic

  16. Goddamn its nice to have Daredevil back as one of the best books on the shelves.  And Lady Bullseye looks like she’s gonna be a great villain

  17. isn’t lady Bullseye just Elektra and Bullseye combined? maybe matt’ll do ‘er

  18. Matt’s already "doing" Dakota so I reckon he’s got his hands full.  ;o)

  19. Loved this issue. And holy shit Clay Mann is awesome, I need more of his art right now.

  20. Clay Mann’s art strikingly similiar to Lark’s art, or is it done on purpose?

  21. I think it’s the same inker who handles Lark. So it’s on purpose.

  22. When I saw the solicitation for Lady Bullseye my one thought was "how stupid."  But after reading the first part of the story I have to admit to being interested.  My hat’s off to Burbaker and Mann for delivering a great start to the next major story arc for Daredevil.

  23. i still think matt’ll do ‘er

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