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  1. Anyone else notice the simillarity betwen this cover and the Superman cover for this week?

  2. This arc has been AWESOME.

    @Jarrett — You’re right, they are similar & they both are contenders for cover of the week (if such a prize existed).

  3. @Jarrett: More "doin’ the Bane"!


  4. This was a solid Dare Devil issue and the conculsion to a story that Matt wasn’t crying over his crazy wife the whole time, but it certainly wan’t the best book I read this week.

  5. Awesome ending issue to an awesome arc.

    One question though:


    If Slaughter’s man got busted for the murders, how would that have exposed the F.B.I. operation?

  6. @WadeWilson


    Becuase people who get busted have a tendency to drop the dime on their superiors to get their own asses off the hook. He would have cut a deal, giving up the huge conspiracy to get himself off. 

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