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  1. Even with everything coming out this week, this might be the book I’m most excited for.

    The band is back together!

  2. This is my early pick for POW, it’s my most anticipated book in a loooooong time.

  3. can they overcome the moping-fest that is daredevil? or will the mope-fest continue???

  4. This could be sweeeeeet

  5. This issue was great. Better than the last couple. Maybe I’m just pumped with ‘the band getting back together’, but i’m impressed.

  6. This is the best issue of DD in a very long time

  7. I agree. Finally someone told Matt to get over it. Looks like things are going to happen again in this book. I hope this is the last we hear about Mila for a while.

  8. I just want to go on record that I would read a comic in which Luke Cage was a therapist.  He could share office space with Middle-Management Red Skull.

  9. man this poor guy’s life.. remember when he was always joking?

  10. this read real well for a first time reader. been lookin for the right point to get on with DD, but all i’ve heard is complaints about his current behavior for a while. loved everything about it except the six pages given to Moon Knight. YUCK

  11. This issue was awesome. I understand everyones excitement about Brubaker and Ruka working together. I guess I’ll have to check out Gotham Central finally, this book has shown what a bang-up team they are.

  12. @Ntpmrctp   ‘Gotham Central’ is amazing.  Caveat — DC did a horrible job of collecting this in trade, as there are individual issues missing throughout the run.  This is a series that deserves to be read through, so if you can find the back issues, do yourself a favor and read them in order.

  13. Nice issue, and very nice to see the band back together. I’ll agree with all the praise being heaped on Gotham Central — it was really good. Why did they cancel it?

    My only small beef with this issue was that it was a little bit too talky and not enough punchy for my tastes, but it’d definitely a good read and makes ya wanna see what happens next. 

  14. @WadeWilson – They canceled it because no one bought it.

  15. I’M BACK ON BOARD WITH THIS NEW ARC! I Haven’t been buying this book, but it looked like a good jumping on point, I liked it a lot! Seems like all I need to know is: Matt Murdock is a mess–still. 

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