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Paul Montgomery03/27/08YesRead Review
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  1. Has it happened?  Did Brubaker just bore everyone off this book?

    No Lark this month!

  2. I know how you feel Josh.  The last couple of arcs have been depressing and have also made me bored with the book.  I am hoping with Mila leaving the book that it will lift this weight that has been dragging Daredevil down.  Also who is drawing this, Mike Perkins or Paul Azaceta?  They are listed seperately in the description of the plot and the rundown of who is working on it as being the only one drawing it.

  3. I’m not bored at all, the last arc did drag on a little long but the payoff was fantastic. The final issue really made it all worthwhile.

  4. I’m hoping it’s the lull before the Rucka —

    I don’t think Milla’s been the problem; it’s just the pacing, in general.  The Mr. Fear arc could have been a good 3 issues, instead of 700, or however many.    

  5. I think Brubaker’s story had great potential. Unfortunately, in my opinion it has been too decompressed and he never got me to care about Mila one way or the other. It is still a great title. In a lot of ways it may suffer because it’s consistent high quality has raised expectations. Just like Captain America as was discussed on the last podcast. 

  6. I actually really have enjoyed his run on Daredevil.  While it’s been light on action, it’s had some really strong character moments.  This issue may just be a blow off fill-in, but I’m thinking it still has potential to be really good.  I’m looking forward to what else Bru has in store.

  7. I used to look forward to reading this title but after the last arc I am sticking with it only out of loyalty. That and I am a completist…damn collector gene.

  8. I didn’t get bored, I just decided to trade-wait after the first few arcs. It was fun to read every month, but just wasn’t blowing me away enough to have to get it in single issues. I think these long arcs read better in trade anyway.

  9. @Paradiddle: Yeah, u’re right.  Trade is probably the better way for Bru’s DD.

  10. I had the instinct to go to trade when I started this series, and I probably should have stuck with it.  Though I think the end of the last arc would have been a letdown in any format.

    I’ve heard  talk about "quality fatigue" in Brubaker’s books, but honestly, most of his books have pacing problems.  It’s not that we’re weary of good issue after good issue.  It’s that the stories aren’t as tight as they could be, and the individual issues often don’t have enough shape.  I *love* Brubaker’s writing, and I buy almost everything he writes, in issues, but I’m not convinced that he has mastered how much time/space a story should take up.  It’s as though he stretches his story out to fit an arc, rather than suiting the length of the arc to how much story he has.  He’s hardly the only writer who does this, but it’s noteworthy in his work because the quality is otherwise so high.

  11. @ohcaroline: I agree that too many writers have the problem of stretching story lines out over too many issues just to fit a specific number. I may be biased because I buy this series and most of my comics in issue which makes it hard to follow long drawn out story lines. Personally I like them short and sweet; 4 issues is ideal in my opinion. I have a feeling though that this trend is more due to the publisher and like you said to fit the arc (for the TPB later). 

  12. @comicdork37 –Oh, I’ve got no doubt that editorial decisions have plenty to do with it (though I’m a bit skeptical in this particular title, where I’d think Bru could do just about anything he wants at this point).  But in any case, working in a serial medium is going to involve working within the forms/ constraints that the medium imposes, and I think it’s a legitimate criticism to make of the writing.

  13. Boring!!! This issue was just an extension of the previous arc; Mila is locked up in the looney bin, Matt is going crazy, Ben, Foggy and the rest don’t know what to do.

  14. It’s been pretty depressing ever since he got back w/ Milla.  I just wanna see Matt win one for once.

  15. i didn’t pick this one up. the mr. fear arc was a good idea, and had a good outcome (mr fear as a serious threat, crazy milla), but how we got there was somewhat unbearable – every comment above about decompression and pacing is spot on.

    i don’t think this is a permanent drop for me; i’m just taking some time off until things get moving in a more interesting direction again. the solicit alone told me this was more of the same. 

  16. Just the fact that this was drawn by the same guy on BPRD: 1946 (aka Year One) made this an exciting read for me. Next month we get Gotham Central reunion! Great times for me.

  17. @ AngelC85-  I think this is all set up for Matt’s big win.  With these next storylines, I think we’re going to see him climb back up. 

    This issue painted the tapestry of how low Matt is.  He’s at bottom, almost, and now the long, glorious climb should be starting soon.  I’m pretty excited about that.

  18. If Rucka weren’t coming on board this soon I wold drop it. In fact, I’m going to drop it until Rucka’s first issue.

  19. I have to disagree with the iFanboys, I dont think this Azaceta character is even in the same league as Lark. I was shocked at the quality drop in the pencils area.

  20. @meccaed: I agree that these pencils did nothing for me. They aren’t bad but when compared to Lark it was definitely a big drop.

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