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Senses are challenged as The Man Without Fear must face off against secret societies that would preferably see his demise. Daredevil stands against his enemies and unknowingly sets the stage for THE OMEGA EFFECT!

Story by Mark Waid
Art by Khoi Pham
Cover by Marcos Martin

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.0%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Again I am not a fan of this .1 nonsense. The original intent of them never panned out and it hasn’t helped sales or get new readers as far as the figures go…

    …However. More Mark Waid Daredevil can’t be a bad thing and Khoi Pham is a great artist. Not sure if he’s a Daredevil artist but I’m willing to give this a try only because of Waid.

  2. It’s on my pull list so I’m getting it. However, the original team is why I bought it. This has to be one of Marvel’s best series at the moment. So, I’m sticking on. Especially since my Moon Knight is heading out the door.

  3. Last issue of DD was good however; I will admit they kinda just ended it. Like Mole Man and DD were fighting and then DD got the best of him. DD then let him slide and took a body back with him that MM wanted and that was his punishment. I like this title very much I just feel last issue was a push and I can not stand this .1 crap!! There is no purpose of this really, right?? All we need is the month and year and were done…


  4. I’m also not a fan of the point 1 issues but more Daredevil is never a bad thing so I won’t complain. Pham’s previous art looks pretty good from a quick Google search, so I’m excited to see what he can with DD. Bring on Wednesday!

  5. Kelly (@annaluna) says:

    i picked up DD #10 last week as a new reader and didn’t struggle at all to figure out what was going on. Not sure what a .1 issue is going to provide.



    No wait…

    • Yeah, that’s how I feel. 😉 Khoi Pham is no Paolo Rivera or Chris Samnee, but I love this run and the next five weeks are going to be great for DD fans, I just know it.

    • @TOMP
      I agree, we get spoiled with Daredevil every week in the month of April. My only gripe is the 3.99 Spider-man issue, but I’ll just have to deal with it. I’m stoked for the Omega Effect.

    • 3.99 spider-man issue?! what’cha talkn’ bout willis?!
      i didn’t know there was a price jump. i am one price point griping motherfucka!
      but, what can you do other than miss out. life’s full of tough choices.

  7. Looking forward the Omega Effect, actually.

    And I hafta remember to order that Punisher issue.

  8. the cover reminds me of cowboy bebop.

  9. Yeah, Khoi Pham is a very OK artist. I’m hoping it doesn’t bring down the greatness that Martin and Rivera have brought to the series. Maybe he’ll surprise.

  10. The only Marvel book that I am currently pulling on regular basis. Can’t wait for The Omega Effect!

  11. i mean im super excited i dont have to wait a whole month for the next daredevil but i really wish it wasnt a .1. it just seams silly to mean. but i cant fault it to much because wais has done a SUPERB job so far with this series. easily the best book im reading. i just wish Paolo Rivera was doing the art but with writing like waid who cares what the art may look like…..wait……. unless it looks like the new green lantern. then i will cry….

  12. Good issue but not a scratch on any of the proper monthly issues we’ve had previously. I suppose it was a great way to get new readers on board and it was alright in the end but I’m looking forward to getting back on track with issue 11 (or 12, once the Omega Effect crossover has finished).

  13. This was an okay issue, but nowhere near the quality we’ve seen in previous issues which is unfortunate for a supposed jumping on point. I posted my own review here:


  14. This point one issue was….pointless! Get it? Huh!? Pointless? Ha….eh…

    Seriously we got a fucking recap page in a recap issue! Why!? But Waid and Pham made it tolerable enough to enjoy the Megacrime stuff at least. Those henchmen are so adorable!


    • A recap page in a recap issue. Imagine that.

      The idea behind the .1s is to invite new readers to the title. It’s not for you.

  15. Waid writes well, and the art is great…but this issue was basically unnecessary. If you’ve been paying attention, this was already set up in the regular issues of Daredevil…

  16. im a bit behind on this ive got all the up to date issues how ever only just read issue 6 – 9 last night so issue 10 still to go what i want to know is ive got this issue ordered is there and do i need any other .1` issues (punisher and spiderman) or can i just go ahead and order issue 11 and carry on? what do people think

    • You should be perfectly fine with that. Since the Omega Effect story spins out of things happening in Daredevil you don’t need to read any issues other than the ones covered by the cross-over (i.e. Avenging Spider-Man #6, Punisher #10 and DD #11) Of course, if you just want to jump on to Daredevil and don’t care about the cross-over then just stick with what you’re getting.

  17. Avenging Spider-Man and Punisher are coming next with the Omega Effect story arc, along with the next DD issue I think, it’s not this point 1.

  18. Agreed. This was just filler.

  19. i am officially done with .1 issues. i don’t care who’s writing it. they’re great for new readers who know little to nothing about DD. i have no use for them.

  20. filippod (@filippodee) says:

    Statistics prove that .1 issues don’t bring new readers. Whatever the original thinking was, I guess they have become just a subtler way for Marvel to double ship. I’m only getting them because my comics subscription service offers the option to order them automatically, otherwise I wouldn’t bother to pull them.

  21. filippod (@filippodee) says:

    Sweet cover, though.

  22. Well it took almost a week and I have finally finished my stack. I gave this issue a 5 and I really thought the cover was brilliant, very retro. The artwork inside continues to be very good and I really have given up on what numbers are on issues , just the quality; well the .1 issues and 0 issues just seem so silly to me. Back this issue; I liked the evil organizations being so confused on what to do and DD living up to his name and fearing nothing and taking it right to them!! Great issue and I believe this had most of my attention next to AVX and just a little more to make this my POW!!


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