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The assassin has Alan in his sights, and the retired operative discovers exactly what he’s up against. Soon the stage will change theaters as the assassin uses the most vicious tactics to control the fight. Snow begins to fall on central Europe as the deadly dance begins.

Story by Nathan Edmondson
Art by Nic Klein
Cover by Nic Klein

Price: $3.50
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Nick Fovargue06/13/12YesRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. I really like Nic Klein and that first issue was fairly gripping. Then the spy thriller took what I appears to be a sci-fi turn. I haven’t decided if I love or hate that, yet. We’ll see…

    • Same here. It seemed a pretty vanilla spy thriller with some great layouts and art until that twist at the end. I’m in for the first arc at least.

    • I loved it before the turn, after the twist I was less enthusiastic but I am looking forward to this issue to decide if this is a continued pull or a drop.

    • @Zhurrie its a 5 issue miniseries

    • @saiyanzzrage, I understand that but I’m not going to just keep throwing money away if it doesn’t keep my interest at issue #2. I have a feeling it will grab me again like it did initially but I have to say that I think there is a need for a good spy comic because everyone at the two LCSs near me had the same sentiment as people here (myself included) that they liked it better before the twist.

    • I really enjoyed #2 and while it is still an unnecessary twist it was fun and well handled. I love the art a lot as well.

  2. i really liked the first issue it had a good hook so hopefully this issue will be good as well

  3. I don’t know if I was the only one but a couple of pages before the “twist” I already knew it was coming. The bit where he saw who was firing at him and he was like “huh? that’s impossible…” I knew then. Maybe it was a lucky guess, I dunno.

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