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  1. I have been waiting for this issue just for this cover.

  2. my store gets Crossed a week late…every fucking time. Makes me sad.

  3. *looks at the cover*

    What the fuck?….

  4. *hands TNC Crossed 0-3*


    you have no idea, sir. 

  5. @fvckstick: I read the 0-1 issues….I’m waiting the rest for trade.

    Seriously though….that’s a fucked up cover.

  6. Loving this. Not to diss Walking Dead, which I also love, but this book seems to have way more tension, it seems like every second these people are in danger. The characters situation seems worse/scarier. Also our eyes are in danger of seeing some totally fucked up things every time we turn the page. Awesome.

  7. PS – about the cover — Them Crossed crazies are obviously fans of Empire Strikes Back, & are playing as Chewy & C3-PO. 😛

  8. I haven’t been liking this lately, but I’m a big fan of these types of stories, and Ennis, so I’ll probably stick with it throughout. If it gets too much worse I’ll be forced to drop it, though.

    I definitely don’t agree with the notion that it’s doing anything better than The Walking Dead though.

  9. I never said "better" 😛 I said thier situation here seems worse, more scary, more tense.  If I had to choose to be a survivor in this world or the Walking Dead world, I know what I’d choose. Slow moving, slow brained zombies or fast moving, gun toting, ass-raping "zombies". Easy choice.

    And just to be clear (again), I love Walking Dead & had been with it since issue #1. I’m not saying anything negative about it.

  10. @Wade – Ha, fair enough. I didn’t mean any harm by it. I understand what you’re saying, the ‘zombies’ in this book are definitely scarier, but to me the bleak reality of The Walking Dead universe frightens me more. Again, sorry if I came off rude.

  11. All good, brotha! I was just making sure not to anger any of the rabid Kirkman fans, in fear of having my brains eaten.

  12. I love walking dead, but this seems to always leave a weird feeling in my stomach when i imagine myself in these situations, or if the victims were people i know. Crazy stuff. Love ennis. I wish i was in his head when hes writing this, then goes to another word document and starts writing for dear billy, lol.

  13. I want this trade

  14. Just finished the issue, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. The story itself was fine, I suppose, but there seemed to be some story telling bumps. There were a few moments where I felt that maybe my pages were out of order or something, but maybe that’s just me, heh.

    I give it a 2/5 (‘Average’). I think the art, while maybe not the most beautiful subject matter, is pretty darn good, and Garth Ennis can really think of some sick things. I’m still having trouble caring about any of the characters, though, and I feel like the issues should be a bit meatier, but maybe that’s just a pacing issue.

    What did everybody else think?

  15. "Horsecock!"

    This book continues to entertain the hell outta me & make me laugh.

    @kwisdumb — You realise that all the stuff with the cop was a flashback, right?

    There was one page that confused me too though, – page 14. Maybe this is what you’re talking about, kwisdumb, because the first 3 panels make NO SENSE at all, in relation the previous page. Who is the dude who’s been shot? It doesn’t look like the cop AT ALL. Art error?

    Question for you Crossed fans — what did you find more funny/disturbing — the dude with the g-string made of a dude’s face with his balls hanging out it’s mouth, or the no-eyed, armless & legless moaning freak?

    PS – I didn’t notice Stumps shit-bag on the cover until I bought it. Awesome. 

  16. @Wade: You made me feel a variety of feelings.

    Horror…..Shock….Confusion….Curiosity….and for some reason Erotic….

  17. @Wade – Yeah, that was the exact page I was talking about. It didn’t make any sense to me at all and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one, haha.

    Also, I thought the G-String was more disturbing than anything.

  18. LOL Champ, did you read the book, mate? You will probably feel all them reactions 10 times more … maybe not erotic, though. o_O

  19. @Wade: No I am waiting for trade on this. Although I have a feeling the first issue alone I read is more then enough to know how fucked up this mini is.

    You say it isnt erotic….but it’ll get to you eventually…

  20. Can someone please explain to me why the red-headed guy with the glasses, who was raped and killed with his wife and daughter in Crossed #1 shows up in this issue? Is the story non-linear all of a sudden or what? If you don’t know who I’m talking about, he’s the guy with the daughter named Arwen.

  21. @fred – All the stuff with the cop & the crossed guy in the back of the cop car was flashbacks. The stuff with the bridge was current.

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