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  1. You know I was thinking to myself while going to bed: ‘There’s not enough rape in comics. Thank god Garth Ennis is here to make sure that I dont sleep at night with such a horrible idea to see in my comics. Thanks Garth!’ 🙂

  2. At least I’m not the only sick bastard coming back for more of the horrific & unthinkable.

  3. this is the first legitimately scarey book I’ve read in years.


    I literally had nightmares after the first issue 

  4.  @Guamer I’m not picking issue to for the opposite reason. I felt that with proper pacing of a certain rape scene this book could have been really scary and delivered a punch. Instead the scene the issue lead up to was more like a stupid joke than a horrifying moment.

  5. I enjoyed iss #1, but not enough to come back and see the end of this book.  I might change my mind once I actually get into my LCS on Thursday though.

  6. i’m hoping there will actually be a story to go with the gore porn

  7. So there was a rape scene in this book? Oh how cool. I bet it was dealt with in a really mature and intelligent fashion and not at all used just as some shock-value torture porn. Was it as OMFG-awesome as the one in The Walking Dead? Man, how cool was that?

  8. @Deadspace: Well the rape scene was more for shock, and kind of a punchline as well, like Thisisagan said.

    Now what was more of a shock to me, was during the rape scene, you see two "crossed" people, hacking a little girl in half like a pig in the background.

    Now these Crossed people seem like a hell of a lot worst then Zombies any day. I’m not sure if i will pick up the next issue, just so i can save money. But I might buy it as a trade. I don’t know, we’ll see.

  9. @deadspace: That’s better sarcasm then what I brought here.

    I find rape utterly deplorable in any media form. It’s not ment to be entertainment in any form and the fact that Ennis is doing this in a light hearted matter makes me sick to my stomach.

  10. @TNC-I believe you are missing the point of it sir.  its not meant to be light-hearted at all.  You are not supposed to like it, in fact you are supposed to be disgustedby it.  He is going for the shock value mostly in this series.  The Walking Dead had rape in it, but it was handled is a far more effective way that was scary and disturbing at the same time.  I understand your position on it though, my wife is the same way.  Whenever anything has rape in it (movie, book, comic, etc.) she loses interest in it and refuses to finish watching/reading it.

  11. What drake said. Putting something in a comic doesn’t automatically mean it’s meant to be fun & awesome. Look at who is doing the horrible things in this book — mindless-zombie-type-monsters, who are doing horrible-zombie-monster-type acts. It’s not like it’s the hero of the book doing it.

    You don’t need to "take a stand" against rape, that’s like taking a stand against child abuse or racism, it kinda goes without saying that it’s fucking evil & wrong. It kinda baffles me how people can single one horrible act out above all others. Look at this comic for example — there is people being eaten alive, murdered in horrible ways etc, & people focus on rape? I don’t get it.

    To anyone who is easily shocked or offended, I’d just advise to not read this, or anything by Ennis, if you wanna play it safe. 

  12. I think South Park is the only one that made rape slightly light hearted. With the whole ep of Lucas and Spielberg raping there movies. Still gross though.

  13. I have no problem with consensual sex. Let me put that out of the way. I’m not some puritan american who wants everything censored when it comes to sex. Rape is just something that shouldnt be involved with anything in any form of entertainment. Not in TV, not in Film, not in Comics, not in Literature, not anything.

  14. That’s a very blanketed statement.  Many of the Criminal/Cop/CSI type dramas have episodes that cover rape and what the victims go through.  Depending upon how it is done, I think there is some value in understanding what the victim goes through from a mental perspective. 

    Now I’m not trying to compare a prime time episode of Law & Order to this book.  That is obviously apples to oranges, however, in the case of this book, the exploitation of the physical violence depicted portrays the extent of the evil nature and depravity of those commiting the act.  It’s graphical depiction is purposely there to evoke an emotional response of disgust in a shocking/over the top manner.  I personally did not "enjoy it", however, it did effect me emotionally.  That’s not to say there aren’t other ways to evoke an emotional response but for the subject matter of this book, it fits.  It’s certainly not for everyone but thankfully it can’t be censored by those who think it shouldn’t exist. 

    Here’s hoping the book will become more than a bunch of full page torture porn panels.

  15. @Wet: But more often then not those type of shows dont show it. Law and Order: SVU came very close to showing the lead woman get raped and that was downright in poor taste.

    I’m talking about films/comics/and anything else that balantly show rape just for the heck of it. I understand sometimes rape is a factor in a crime store or noir setting, but when you just show it just to shock the readers then it’s in poor taste.

  16. @TNC-I have a HUGE problem with consensual sex

  17. @Champ — I won’t get into a censorship thing, because I am FULLY against it. My feelings are, if you don’t like something, change the channel on the TV, put down the comic, turn off the music etc, no one is forcing you to watch/read/listen. And, I don’t think anyone who reads this comic would argue that it’s in good taste. 😛

    Just curious though — why do you find rape more offensive than the murder of unarmed innocent people, or cannibalism or any of the other horrible things in this comic?

  18. *edit a key word into my question —

    why do you find FICTIONAL rape more offensive than the murder of unarmed innocent people, or cannibalism or any of the other horrible things in this comic?


  19. I’m not against rape being portrayed in comics or any other media unless it’s used purely for entertainment. If it’s going for the shock factor, then that is a form of entertainment (one that I feel does nothing but kill off a few brain cells but each to their own). 

    If someone like Brian Wood did a story about rape it might actually be really good because there’s no way he’d come out with something as retarded as rape for entertainment/shock value.

    And for the record (in case anyone has missed my previous rantings *grin*) I feel the same way about the rape in TWD, although knowing what Ennis is like, this was probably worse. Two people here have even said it came across more like a punchline/joke. Ooooh. I guess a big LOL is in order. 

  20. @Wade: I dont wanna sound like they arent as bad as Rape, all types of crime or heidenous acts are terrible.

    But in a fictional setting I’d like to think for some reason, violence isnt a huge problem. How long in our lives have we’ve seen violence on the news, or in sporting events, or even in our homes or schools? The last two arent as extreme but you get my point, we see violence more then sex and I feel that’s why people are more incline to object to it then other acts of evilness.

    Rape though in general I feel is the worse. More often then not it seems like in Film or Comics the women usually stay alive after the incident. My brain immediately feels like shit and feels sorry for the woman. Plus it doesnt help they like to do extreme close-ups on the woman’s face to show how bad this situation is. There’s just nothing fun or exciting from seeing that sort of thing. Again, our brains might handle the fact of seeing like The Punisher blow someone up….but we arent prepared to see an innocent woman get used like a toy.

  21. I didn’t see this at my LCS.  Was it delayed?

  22. My LCS didn’t get it either (along with a few other books I pulled this week). The owner said they are scheduled to get it next week though.

  23. I saw it at my LCS.  Both covers too.  I almost picked it up, but already had too many $3.99 books.  And since this was a series I wasn’t entirely hooked on, it got the axe

  24. @Champ — Makes sense, dude. I wasn’t being a smart-ass (for once), just curious.

    @deadspace — To put it in context, it wasn’t only women being raped in this book, so it’s not a sexist thing, & the zombies were eating them alive & killing them while they raped them. So, you could be offended by that, or if you have a sick sense of humour (like me) it’s way too fucked up to take it serious & it makes you laugh.

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