It’s the action-packed and twist-filled finale of THE SINNERS as TRACY LAWLESS finds himself trapped between hardened killers who want to torture and kill him, and a tough Military Investigator who wants to bring him back to the Army in chains. All the intrigue you’ve come to expect from Criminal, plus more exclusive back-up features and interviews.

WRITER: Ed Brubaker
PENCILS: Sean Phillips
COVER BY: Sean Phillips

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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. To me, this has been just as good as the previous arcs.  I’ve loved this.

  2. Yeah this has been great, but I’m much more interested in more Incognito than more Criminal once this story is done.

  3. I’m pretty down on this arc, but maybe that’s only cause all the previous ones were so good.

    Brubaker in general hasn’t put out anything I’ve liked in a solid 2 years.

  4. what a mixed bag, I’ve loved this arc, maybe not as much as some of the others, but it’s still pretty good.  That fight was great last issue.  and I’m way more interested in this book than I am in seeing more Incognito.

  5. It’s getting a bit silly. the excitment and danger of deadly serious situations from the first volume is a little disminished by story points where a dude gets shot, jumps out of a third story window, lands hard on a car then is fine plus 12 year old kids are killing career criminals – that would happen


    Still good, just not as thoughtful as the previous arcs 

  6. Anyone know how long the break will be before the next arc begins?

  7. nothing has been solicited yet, but Incognito 2 is coming before Criminal so probably not for a while.

  8. @skeets-I actually almost skipped incognito entirely(I got #1 reprint) and even half way through Incognito I was missing Criminal.  Now Im missing Incognito!  Looking forward to a second run.

    Incognito just seems more fun and old school i guess.  Still  love criminal though.

    Maybe once they’ve got a fine mix of both titles they’ll just go hand-in-hand.

  9. Loving this arc, it’s just as awesome as every other one has been!

    & for the record, Incognito has nothing on this series (IMO … why do I type "IMO"? Who else’s opinion would I be talking about?)

  10. @wadewilson is it "IMO" or "IMHO" because frankly if your O isn’t H then you are being very rude and need to leave the internet immediately (or need to LTII).

  11. Phillips is doing some work for Marvel before Incognito 2. I think one thing hurting this arc of Criminal is the lack of momentum coming from 1-2 week delays and a lack of recent arcs to build off of.

  12. The long breaks haven’t really affected me at all.  Makes me so much more glad when it finally makes it to the shelf.

  13. Love the series, but this is going to trade after this arc.  I’d rather have these in trade than floppies.

  14. Hmm. Missed #4. Hope I can still find it along with this one. I’m liking this arc more so than the previous one. The reveal and the end of the last arc felt contrived. 

  15. Letters column – Bru on the Avengers?  What’s the scoop?

  16. @Grandturk

    He is writing Secret Avengers.

    And this ended brilliantly. Fantastic and just crazy brutal.

  17. WOW! what a fucking finish.  bring on the next arc pronto!

  18. These last two issues sold me on shakey aspects of the story like what Edward said (12 year old killers enthralled to a priest).

    This concluded exceptionally.

  19. Pretty damn impressive. Sad to see this go away for a while though.

  20. this was great. fantastic ending


    forget my previous post.

  21. Wow in the end it paid off. I was off this and picked it up only cause it was the last issue — but it was a return to form. 5 star POW. Who’da guessed?

  22. I’da guessed

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