The Award-Winning crime series continues! Tracy Lawless is getting close to finding the killers he’s been searching for… but before he can put all the pieces together, he finds himself in their crosshairs in Chinatown, with enemies all around him. This can’t end well, or wouldn’t be an issue of Criminal, would it? And remember, all the single issues of CRIMINAL are packed with articles and extras that are not reprinted in the collections.

WRITER: Ed Brubaker
PENCILS: Sean Phillips
COVER BY: Sean Phillips

Price: $3.50
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 11.8%
Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Yes! I love extras in issues. This is a definite pick up!

  2. I’d be real surprised if this isn’t my pick

  3. I’ve been doing Pick of the Months lately since I get each month’s book in a single shipment from Heavy Ink, and Criminal has been 3 outta 3 so far ( Sort of – last month was a toss up between Criminal and Day Tripper).

  4. The extras really payoff for me here. There are a lot of old films mentioned that I seek out. I’m not a film buff by any means, but Bru and his guests always seem to point me in the right direction for films to see. I am certainly getting an education here.

  5. Would be reading this in trade if it wasn’t for the extras.

  6. god this is good. look at that cover

  7. Buy but not reading.. I just got the Criminal hard cover.. So as soon as i’m finished.  i’ll be reading this.

  8. Marvel(proper) and DC should learn from this series!

    See, we actually look forward to the extras Brubaker puts in there. It’s not a crappy co-feature or reprint- it’s well thought out and enjoyable. Is it really that hard to do?

  9. @HailScott: I don’t look forward to the back matter here. i usually don’t read it. I prefer co-features. I do read those.

  10. @HailScott

    I agree, the extra stuff here is much better than co-features, back-ups, and the crap Marvel inserts. But do you really think most ongoing superhero comics can have backmatter like this? I could see Busiek doing it with Astro City and that’s pretty much it.

  11. Yeah the type of backmatter here would not fit in almost any regular DC or Marvel books. That being said, I’ll take a co-feature over reprints and other bullshit 7 days a week.

  12. yeah the back matter is not comics.  it’s articles and letters page and interviews, usually about noir films or books.  the very first issue of Criminal had a text story from the POV of Gnarly, I wish there was more stuff like that, but it’d be a lot for Brubaker to write.

  13. I appreciate the back matter in Criminal also.  I’ve watched so many great movies for the first time based the these articles: Yakuza, Vanishing Point, One False Move and Blast of Silence to name a few.  

  14. @hailscott: yep. i read the back matter. it’s good stuff

  15. I’ve yet to read any of the back matter.  I do the same with the Dark Tower books.  Figure I’ll go back and read them later.

  16. The material in the back of these issues is some of the best extra content you will get in comic books today.

  17. Haven’t read any of the back matter in these single issues.  I should probably switch to trade.

  18. I’m switching to trades after this arc.  I don’t read the back matter and for the first time in this series I’m having trouble remembering what is going on in this particular arc from issue to issue.

  19. @hailscott: I like DC’s co-features.

  20. Joe Hill’s article is the best thing in this comic.

  21. Oh man, I want that 2 page spread of Charles Bronson framed on my wall.

  22. I always enjoy the back matter from this book.  That’s how I found out about "The Wild Bunch" and "Thief" which are now two of my favorite movies.

  23. This issue worked. I was a bit worried about this arc when I read issues 2 and 3. This was good.

  24. I thought Wolverine: Weapon X was my PoTW … until I read this. This issue was brilliant, as usual.

    0.35% user PoTW ? You guys must all be reading books that I’m not. 

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