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  1. This could be shit smeared between two covers and it’ll still be my POTW.

  2. Finally! I can’t wait to read this!

  3. Completely forgot it was coming out this week.  Can’t wait

  4. this is coming back and powers will be back in a couple of months. its a good time to be reading comics

  5. I regret that this will be my first issue of Criminal, but I trust Brubaker to deliver a good jumping-on point with a #1.

  6. Thank Xenu!!! We finally get more Criminal and more Tracy Lawless to boot!!!

  7. Will be buying in trade.

  8. Trade waiting for me.

  9. I’m having some doubts here. I want to buy the book but i thnk i like reading it in trade more than issues


    Honestly, what should i do iFanbase

  10. Buy the issues.

    Then buy the hardcover omnibus.

  11. @edward issues, issues, issues!!!

  12. A book this good that is in danger of being axed needs to be supported in issues.

    If Brubaker wouldn’t have put out the call to support, I’d only buy trades on this.

  13. I get trade waiting, but I’m an issue guy for sure.

  14. I hate that this is promoted as "From the creators of Incognito"…  um, Criminal is the original baby. 

  15. @Crippler-yeah, that sucks.  But if it helps them get more sales, I can live with it

  16. chronologically, wasn’t sleeper first?

  17. @Masada – Word. If it’s like past Criminal arcs or Incognito, it will probably read better in trades, but I’d prefer getting this monthly to not at all.

  18. I like getting the issues because the trades do not include the essays in the back.

  19. I wish my name was Lawless, god damn parents. So excited for this, its a big week for me but this is the clear front runner for POW for me. Pus sweeeeet cover.

  20. my middle name is Lawless.


    so, issues, hey? we’ll see

  21. My first issue of CRIMINAL ever. I liked INCOGNITO so this should be even better, right?

  22. @Kwisdumb: much

  23. @kwis- way better. Not even close. Get them trades!
    @edward- issues. The trades don’t have the back-up extras.
    I didn’t even know this was coming out this week. AWESOME 🙂

  24. I’ll be buying this but it sucks that the only arc of Criminal I haven’t read is Lawless.

  25. @Jestr

    Heh, that was the last arc of Criminal I read. I did Volume 2 first then Coward, then Lawless in trade. 

  26. As much as I’d love to get this in issues, my wallet simply can’t handle another $3.50 miniseries right now. Really looking forward to the trade, though.

  27. YES! I’ve been waiting for this since the first issue of incognito and i liked that mini.

  28. fudgers… It was all pulled by the time i got to the LCS.. Note to self for next week.

  29. Its in my hands.  I cannot wait to read this.  I’ve only read 2 criminal trades, but they are amazing. 

  30. I liked the issue a lot but am a bit annoyed that we find out so much at the end.  Finding out this much in the first issued has dulled my interest in the story a bit.  It is the first issue though so this is some heavy speculation.

  31. @Spoons

    I’m sure there are plenty of twists left. But this is gonna leave Tracy fucked up as all hell. 

  32. Excellent issue.  Can’t wait to dive into the essays.

    P.S. Brubaker and Phillips just killed Joe Hill, the writer of Locke & Key!  He even looks just like the guy!   

  33. I knew that name was familiar.

  34. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Haha! I laughed out loud when Joe Hill turned up. That’s awesome!  

  35. God it’s good to have new Criminal.  This book was sweet!!!

  36. Maybe my favorite thing coming out — moving to trades though

  37. This was great.  I enjoyed Ingocnito, but this was like coming home after being a way on vacation, it just feels so good.

  38. fucking fantastic book.

  39. Scott Adsit too!  (Pete from 30 Rock, who regularly goes to comic-cons as a fan).

    I was wondering if Hill and Adsit had won that ‘be a victim in Criminal’ auction, or if they’re just friends of Brubaker or Phillips.

  40. It’s back & didn’t miss a beat. My POtW, as it pretty much always is when it comes out.

    I’d like to second Brubakers recommendation in the back of the book of the Aussie crime mini-series Underbelly. Maybe I’m biased because it’s based on a gangland war that happened where I grew up (& still live) but it really is awesome & worth watching for crime fans. I was surprised Brubaker mentioned it, I didn’t think a) it would even come out in the US or b) that it would "translate" to US audiences, but hey, happy to be wrong 🙂

  41. Was the narration always 3rd person?  I feel like usually its the protagonist

     4/5 for me

  42. @cutty

    Brubaker has been using third person with Tracy Lawless (he also did so in the Lawless arc). I think it works well for his character as inner dialog could easily come out stupid.

  43. This was pretty awesome, and much better than most issues of INCOGNITO. I felt the storytelling was a little off, but that’s basically the only thing holding it back from a 5. Can’t wait to get more involved in this universe.. 4/5.

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