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  1. Whoa, this is coming out this week? I’m going to need to rob a bank after all.

  2. I think I may have to double-dip and pick this up.  Damn you oversized hardcovers!!

  3. So wish I had the money for this.  I want it bad!

  4. I will not double-dip, I will not double-dip…

  5. Not only am I going to double dip, I’m triple dipping on this.

  6. i will say that this book is amazing and it DOES include some of the backmatter that was orginally in the issues.  Yes, it is just the stuff Brubacker did for his own books, but some is sooo much better then none.  On top of it you get all of the great art that was associated with those pieces even if the articles are not in the set.  This is a deluxe edition done right and I could not recommend it more, I smell a BOTM.

  7. Does this include the CBLDF story?

  8. I just ordered this on Amazon. Only trade I have is Coward and I’ll either keep it and loan it out to folks or just re-gift it.


  9. Conor is tempting me!

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