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  1. With the way the wind is blowing, I’m afraid this may be the last we’ll see of Greg Rucka’s Renee Montoya.  Damn shame.  The miniseries hasn’t been perfect, but it’s definitely showing the possibilits for this character.

  2. That’s a creepy cover.

  3. This series has by far been the best thing to come out of 52 (and I’m including Countdown in that).  It has been so under promoted.  I’d love to see Rucka with a real Question series and bring back some of that GCPD magic with a little touch of creepiness thrown in.  I’d really like to see the new Question and the new Spectre have an encounter together (speaking of really great wasted characters…)

  4. @ alexhoward–Yea it really is the best thing to come out of 52.  I’ve actually enjoyed this series a lot and am sad that Renee will  now probably fade away. 

    @ conor–Yea that’s about as creepy a cover I’ve seen in the last 10 years. 

  5. @ alexhoward – Don’t forget the booster gold magic that is happening because of 52.  I think that is so far the best thing to come out of 52.

    I was sad to see them kill the Question and replace him with Montoya.  At the same time I have enjoyed this mini thoroughly, but I don’t see her surviving it either. This mini just did not do as well as it should have for me.  I think that there is so much potential for this character and it’s just shy of making it.

  6. Rucka will return to Montoya.  It might take awhile, but I can’t see him leaving her for good.

  7. I think DC screwed the pooch with the Question; I’m enjoying this series in part b/c I’ve read most of the Vic Sage back issues but as far as I know, these aren’t even available in a collected form.  DC should have put out a Question Showcase, if not an Absolute edition, simultaneous with 52.  Rucka is doing a great job of referencing canon that most people haven’t had an opportunity to read. . .

  8. Definitely excited for this issue.  Sad that it is over.

  9. Rucka said in his forum they are in talks for a Question ongoing and to expect news in a few weeks. Rucka also said the cumbersome title of Crime Bible will be corrected for trade. Rucka seemed to suggest that Crime Bible was underpromoted.

    Hope it works out. Love the new Question myself. If Rucka isn’t writing Renee, I don’t want anyone else to even type a sentence for her. 

  10. I would love to see Dennis O’Neil’s take on Renee.  He is by far the best Question writer that has ever done the character, so his views on Renee would be extremely interesting to read. 

  11. Rucka mentioned on livejournal that he’s writing something now with an upcoming Renee appearance, so my pessimism was premature.  So, yay!  Also, @mistersizzle, Denny writing a Renee- Question story would thrill me, and I bet Rucka feels the same way. 

  12. This was a most disappointing end to this mini.  I had to double-check to make sure that was really the end.

    I love Renee Montoya, I lament Rucka moving on, I disagree on the points that this was the best thing to come out of 52.  Black Adam and Four Horsemen were much better than this mini. 

    Sorry I had to give this particular issue a 1 out of 5.  I hope Rucka stays with DC in some way, he’s really a fantastic writer. 

  13. What’s the deal with the ending? I felt like I was missing a few pages.

  14. I enjoyed this series.  Then it ended.  And that’s when I felt my first pangs of disappointment.  I liked the different art styles in each issue, loved the way it built to a climax in the final issue, and the story in #5 moved well – right up until the very abrubt and unsatisfying ending.  Sadly, I would have to say the end pretty much spoils the overall story and I don’t think that I’d recomend the trade at this point.

  15. Count my vote FOR a Renee Question ongoing.  This series was great!!

  16. @ ohcaroline – they have recently put out 1 Question TP that collects the first 6 issues of the 80’s comic, and there is a 2nd one coming out in the next month or two.

     Yeah, I was disapointed by the end as it wasn’t an end, just a beginning. This felt more like the first story arc of a new series.

     I sincerely hope DC, with Rucka, keeps this going, even if it is a bunch of connected liimited series.

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