Duncan is still without Cowboy or Viking and everything is hitting the fan because of it. Meanwhile, the Triplets are closing in on the mysterious Duchess and you will not believe who she is. Literally. Go ahead and guess… Nope

A. J. Lieberman, Riley Rossmo

Price: $3.99
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  1. My shop had their first comic book club about the first volume of this. We wer like 8 of us with everyone syaing YES to this one guy saying NOT SURE and me saying an absolute no to it.

    So yeah.

  2. Although about half the time I have no idea what the hell is going on, I can’t help but love this book.  Need to get on reading some old Proof so I can check out some more sweet Riley Rossmo art.

  3. Proof is excellent.  The second trade is my favorite. 

    CNV is pretty nuts.  I like it.

  4. Not sure why people seem to be so confused by this book. They have basically made them X-men, but instead of superpowers, they are all split personality assassins. They just go out and kick the shit out of bad guys, nothing too confusing there. There are slot of characters, who each have multiple personalities, but you get used to it. I really love this book. It’s got lots of cool ideas and action, great characters and is really fun and funny… Plus the art is fantastic.

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