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  1. The first issue surprised me (in a good way). I bought it for the "high concept" not expecting much. Looking forward to this issue. Love these covers.

  2. My money is on this for POTW.

  3. Great series.

  4. Looking forward to this.

    @Ruo21: btw, love that film you used as your icon.

  5. what a fun comic! i’d recommend picking it up!


  6. I’m going to get this because it’s a light week but I have no clue what was going on in #1

  7. @deadspace I understood it better after a second read

  8. yeah i’m going to re-read it before getting #2

  9. My LCS didn’t have this last time.. So i think i’ll wait until it comes out in trade.

  10. I read #1 fast the first time through.  The second time I read it, I took my time with it and loved it.

  11. Is this an ongoing or limited?

  12. It was originally supposed to be limited, but the preorder response was better than expected, so it will be an ongoing. However, I believe they are going to take a two month break between arcs.

  13. God, that art is fucking sweet!!!!

  14. love this series

  15. This was better than the first issue.  This may be potw for me.

  16. two minutes ago: typing on site.

    4 hours ago: bought this comic.

    5 hours ago: driving home from work.

    14 hours ago: ate breakfast.

    currently: "I am growing tired of so many writers using this technique."

  17. @HailScott – lol

    So, did this issue actually make any sense or was it as incomprehensible as #1? I’m getting my comics tomorrow and dont know whether to get this or not.  

  18. @deadspace If you got the basic concepts and characters down in the first one, this will be an easy read.

  19. This was funny and insane.  Great stuff.  I might change this to my POTW after I re-read both this and Invincible.

  20. just want to say thanks for everyone who picked up #2 – thanks for the kind words.  it gets more insane (and clearer) as we go on…  the goal for #1 was to entertain and disorient (try and make the story literally feel schizophrenic) and of course to set everything in motion…  #3 has more action and ends with mighty bombshell of an admission…. thanks again to all here who support us

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